Friday, August 12, 2011

a good day

I received a call from a former student who is now a teacher.  It was great to speak with her.  She has just started teaching a few months ago so she wanted some suggestions of books that has good songs for young children.  She came over this evening and looked through some of my books.  She borrowed a bunch of them.  She is just starting out to create of a library of books.  i suggested that she also catalogue them.  I have mine in the computer and when I need a specific song, I just type it in then it pops up for me to go and pull it.  I am really happy that Mom put them in a computer for me.  That was a great idea that she came up with.  I am very pleased when I saw how easy it was to use.  Thank goodness for Momma that is all I can say.  Kelly Lynn looked through all the books, a couple of them she had so she left those ones here.  She has some small students to adult students.  She is teaching both voice and piano and is very interested in competition.  I told her about MMA.  She seemed interested in sending her students.  I hope so because I think competition can be such a good thing for students.  I encourage my students to go but I don't force them.  I don't like it when they are forced because then they are even more nervous than they would be if they wanted to go.  They also tend not to play as good as they can if they are forced.

Acer and Calli had their lessons today.  Acer is all set for the concert.  He started the 1B book today.  Calli finished the Prelude song in book 3.  She re-recorded the Caro Mio Ben because she accidentally erased it.  She didn't mean to, it just happened so we re-recorded it together.  She has picked her both her piano songs and her voice songs for the concert.  Acer has his piano songs too.  I am happy with how Calli is improving so much with her voice and her piano.  She is in level 3 of her piano books.  Calli is also doing very well with the Italian Songs.  We will be starting the "Ave Maria" by Schubert right after the Summer Concert.  With the concert 2 weeks away, I don't see the point of having her starting a new piece because she won't be focusing on her concert songs.  Acer has decided that he wants to continue learn what Calli learns.  That works just fine for me.  They both did pretty well for lessons today.

I have no plans for tomorrow except laundry.  I must do some laundry because I am going to be officially out of outer clothes Sunday so it is essential I do laundry.

This afternoon I also ran into a former student and his grandmother.  It was really nice to see them.  I gave them my card so that his aunt, who was also my student, can call me.  I can't believe Andre, who was about 7 to 9 when I knew him, is almost 20.  He is in college which is awesome and Crystal, his aunt, lives pretty close to me.  I do hope she calls because I have wondered how she is doing these days. She has finished college so she should be about 28 or 29 at this point, I would say 30 at the oldest.  I just can't believe that she is that age.  I haven't actually seen her for about 8 or 9 years.  I do hope I see her soon.  I also hope to see her mom and her nephew soon too.  It was just awesome to see them today.

Overall, I would have to say that it was a good day.  I had my Calli and Acer, as well as seeing Andre, Jacqueline, and Kelly Lynn.  I do hope your day was good too.

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