Thursday, August 11, 2011


I woke to the phone ringing and it was Robin.  Apparently, she was the person who called 2 times earlier only I didn't hear the phone.  She wanted to know if I wanted to go to lunch with her and her son.  Of course I did, so I was to meet them at Olga's, one of my favorite restaurants.  Unfortunately, I was at the wrong Olga's meeting them.  I called Zach because I couldn't imagine why I beat them there.  That is when I found out the were going to one near my doctor's office (blood test day) and I didn't know it was there.  Well, I flew back into my little car and raced over to the proper Olga's for lunch.  It was wonderful.  Zach is a sophomore at Central Michigan University and he heads back to school next week.  Wow, quick summer for him.  He is a theatre and broadcast arts major.  He was my student while in high school and has a very good voice.  He is really good and I can only imagine that with college training under his belt, he will be even better.

After lunch I went to the blood test.  Only one try again and she did it!  Of course, this was Julia and she is one of the few who can get me in 1 try.  I can clear out a room of nurses and technicians by just signing my name on the patient list.  There are only 3 nurses at the doctor's office that can find my veins and get them to give them blood.  At least it didn't hurt this time super bad, just a medium bad.  It was quick this time too.  She found the proper vein (there are only 2 that work, 1 on each arm) and boom, she was done!  thank goodness!

I am very tired right now and could go for a nap.  Why can't I be this tired when I go to bed, or when I am, why can't I sleep right away???  I am tired of taking hours to get to sleep.  It is very upsetting to me. I think I feel asleep for a few hours at about 5 am.  Before that, I was awake every hour to turn over from pain.  Nothing seems to help the nighttime pain right now.  It takes a few hours just to relax and try to get to sleep.  I don't even plan on sleeping anytime before 4 am anymore because no matter how exhausted I am when I go to bed, I don't sleep until after then.  A couple nights ago, I went to bed at 10 because I was just so tired and couldn't stay awake.  I had forced myself to stay awake all day without a nap, and then I woke up at 1 am and couldn't sleep until 6 because I actually slept for 3 hours between 10 and 1.  I was rather annoyed so now when I need a nap, I take it no matter the time because obviously, forcing myself to stay awake and go to bed earlier doesn't help any.

Project Runway is on tonight.  I actually was surprised to realize I liked the show.  i watched 2 episodes and it is very interesting.  I am looking forward to that tonight.  Other than that, I have no plans for the evening.

I do hope you are having a good day.  It is simply beautiful out right now, just simply beautiful!


  1. I know what you mean...I see the nurses visably sigh when I come into have a blood draw. No one wants to tackle that job! Sounds like you had a nice lunch and a pretty good day. take care and enjoy your evening.

  2. Hey, glad you're having a good day :)