Friday, August 5, 2011


I am registered on Pottermore, thanks to Kathy and the wake up call!  Yes, I  got up at 9am when she called to try to get online to the Pottermore website.  Well, as it turned out, so was so many other people that I couldn't get to the website.  Since Kathy was online and on the website, she helped me register!  So Dragonfloo13 (me) is officially registered and waiting to go on and check out the website.  I am anxious for the backstories of everyone.  That fascinates me.  I want to know did Luna and Neville get married?  Things like this.  What about George?  Did he marry Angelina?  Draco, who did he marry?  What about his parents, how did they do with being on the proper side for a change after the battle?  Things like this make me want to know what happens next.

It has been an interesting day with the Pottermore stuff.  Natalie and Hannah are also very excited about me being registered.  They are working on getting Lydia registered now.  We are all Harry Potter fans.  Yesterday was so fun watching it with the girls.  I simply adore them.  It is true.  Okay, I adore all my students, I admit it, but these three have been so fun to watch grow up and to be a part of their lives.  They are truly wonderful girls.  They really are.  Both Hannah and Natalie will be in 10th grade this year and Lydia will be in 9th grade.  That is so hard to believe as the were about in 1 or 2nd grade when I met them.  Sarah was just a tiny baby at that point and now she is almost 8.  she has beautiful curly, light brown hair.  She is doing very well with piano too, just like her sisters.

I have 2 sewing machines and a couple of sewing books to give the girls.  I must remember to put it in my trunk this weekend so I have it when I go to their lessons on Monday.  I have no lessons tomorrow so I am not sure what I will do besides hopefully remembering to bring up the machines for the girls.  Sunday will be a busy day!  Acer and Calli didn't have lessons tonight because they went to their great grandfather's funeral so they wouldn't be home in time.  It was not a problem to switch it this week to Sunday afternoon.  It works for me.  I am glad Sunday will be a busy day.

Kathy had a brilliant idea!!!!  I mean, it was absolutely brilliant!!!!  Oh, I must tell the girls this one, note to self, anyways, I digress, she thinks it would be cool if we read each book and then watched the movie right away.  I think that is simply brilliant!  I may start that tomorrow.  I am out of books to read again.  That is nothing new as I read rather quickly and since I read before bed every night not to mention sometimes during the day too.

Well, it has been quite a day and now I need to go and make some dinner.  I am not sure what I am making today but I will see in a moment.  I do hope to have a menu made for next week by tomorrow.  I have some nice fresh meat that needs to be cooked before it goes bad so a menu is necessary.

I do hope you are having a good day!

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