Friday, August 19, 2011


I woke this morning with the worst headache ever.  I mean, ever.  I finally dragged my sorry self down the stairs to take some pain pills and Advil.  Then I dragged my sorry self back up the stairs back to bed.  If I sat up, the head would just pound like I haven't had since 2008, it was somewhat better when I was lying down.  I was able to get up at 3 and it was better.  I have had some bad headaches this summer but this was the worst one since 2008.  At first I thought if it didn't improve I would have to go to the ER.  Fortunately, it did go down to almost normal.

After I got started for the day, I had my lovely Calli and my wonderful Acer's lessons.  They are such a joy to teach.  Their nicknames are so appropriate for them, Sunshine and Joy because that is what they send when they are around, sunshine and joy.  Both kids are ready for the recital next week.  That is good.  I may not be ready, but they will be.  I will make the program next Friday and print on Saturday before I go to the Pig Roast at Charlie's house.  The Bowman-Tomlinson family, I think, is going too.  It should be a good time.  I haven't been to the last 2 because the one 2 years ago, my friend was in town and last year Momma wasn't feeling up to going so I am planning to attend this year.  I just have to find my chairs.

I don't have any lessons tomorrow and I don't have any real plans outside of some housework and laundry that needs to be done.  I have to wash some outer clothes so I have something to wear for next week.  Yeah, you know me, wait until the last moment to do laundry!  I was like that when Momma was here too.  Poor thing, she was dependent on me for her laundry and I was always behind.

I am tired tonight, a but more than usual, I think because of the bad headache.  They wipe me out something awful when they get that bad.  I found 2 more boxes of paperback books today so that was awesome.  I brought a few down to read over the weekend.  Some of the books I knew I had, I just didn't know where they were.  Now I do.  I also have a drawer full of books in my dresser that I need to get out and put downstairs when we do the family room.  I will be reading for a bit then heading to bed.  I hope I sleep pretty well like I have been this week.  It hasn't been a too horrible sleep week.  I think exhausting myself out on Monday helped my sleep pattern improve plus getting up a bit earlier most of the week helped too.  I am going to keep setting my alarm so I get up a bit earlier so that I sleep better at night.

It is a normal missing Mom day.  i miss her so much.  Yesterday it was the 10 month anniversary of her passing away.  Sometimes it seems like years and other time like yesterday.  Either way, I miss her so much.  I know I say that a lot but we were very close and I took care of her.  I miss both the Mom she was before Alzheimer's and the Mom she became with Alzheimer's.  I just want my mom back.  Too bad life doesn't work that way.

I do hope you are having a good day with less pain and lots of sunshine.


  1. That pain is because she was important to you. Don't push yourself too fast, your grief is natural. Sounds like you had a great relationship, which is more than lots of mother and daughters have. It ended too soon, but she's responsible for the person you are today so she's still with you. I know that's not enough though.

    Thinking of you, and I hope your headache improves.

  2. hope you are rid of that headache by now...sometimes it's just all too much isn't it? Don't be hard on yourself and take time to honor her, it's hard but it helps. take care sweetpea and get some good sleep tonight.