Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Concert Day

We had the Summer Concert  with the BBQ today.  It was wonderful!  Everyone did pretty well, some better than others, but overall I am pleased with how they did.  Afterwards we went into the social hall for some BBQ hamburger and veggie burgers.  There were not that many hamburgers left or veggie burgers.  It was a nice time for everyone.  My little ones got to meet my older ones.  Katie loves little ones so I made sure she went and met the newest little ones.  Calli and Natalie did the announcing.  They did a good job of it.  Calli likes announcing and I think Natalie does too.  In the past Natalie's sisters, Hannah and Lydia, have announced too.  I am rather tired now from the long day.  I woke up at 10:30 to finish printing the program.  We had just enough.  I will have to make more for next time.  I am glad we had enough though.  I only printed 40 of them so I wasn't sure.  Often we have many left over but the little ones have lots of grandparents and great grandparents to come to the concert as well as some aunts and uncles so that is nice.  We like big audiences for concerts.  The next one will be Christmas.  I will be pulling some of the music after Labor Day.  Much of it is in the Living Room or a box in the office so it is handy.  We will also be looking at Competition music starting after Labor Day so we will be rather busy with music in the house.  I don't mind, it gives me something to look forward too.  I just love my students.  I have a new one starting after Labor Day but the new company made a mistake of the day for another one of my students so that is going to take some fixing.  I was not too happy about that but i didn't notice until they scheduled the new student.  I also am not taking any new students on Monday.  Mondays are full now.  However, I have time the rest of the week for lessons.

It has been a nice weekend.  Yesterday, Heather B-T and family went with me to Charlie's house for a pig roast.  It was so much fun.  We had a blast.  The only thing I shouldn't have done was go done all 67 of the cement stairs to watch the kids swim.  My legs are STILL sore from that.  What was I thinking?  Oh yea, I wasn't!  I won't do that again.  It was crazy and I honestly thought at one point I wasn't going to get up the stairs.  Thank goodness I did.  Never again.  I will actually think before I do something like that again.  I just wasn't thinking.  I was thinking I wanted to watch the kids swim, that is what I was thinking.  Next time, I just won't do that.  I will bring a book to read while the kids are down at the lake. I will stay up on the upper deck at the picnic table.  Over all though, it was a great time.  We were there for several hours.  Acer had a nap in the afternoon so he would be ready for it.  Calli, before the party, and I went grocery shopping for the BBQ today.  She is a great assistant, she really is.  She did try to drive the scooter at Walmart though.  That was pretty funny.  She was fascinated by the scooter.  She did really well will helping in picking the groceries up.  I also had to buy a new camping chair.  I now have one again.  That works for me.  Overall, it was a grand weekend.  I am so tired though from both days that I think I will be in bed again early like last night.  That would get me on a good start for the week.

I do hope this finds you doing well and having a good weekend too!


  1. my legs are sore and tired just from reading about you and those steps!!! Ack, don't do that. Glad you had a good weekend, take care and have a nice week too.

  2. I'm so happy that the concert went well :)