Sunday, April 4, 2010

I cooked the Cornish hens for dinner and they turned out okay.  I should have taken them out of the freezer on Thursday though because they were still slightly frozen on the inside.  I followed most of the directions, cooked at 350 degrees but because they were frozen, I cooked them for 2 hours instead of the hour and fifteen minutes.  We still had to microwave them for 3 minutes though so I wasn't happy about that.  I cooked the scalloped potatoes in the crock pot for about 2 hours and they were good.  You are supposed to cook them in the oven, but we have only one so how was I supposed to do that?  We didn't have a veggie because we also had really good rolls that we baked after the Cornish hens were done.  It was a nice dinner.  I am a bit bored right now because there isn't anything to do here and I want to take Mom out shopping for new jeans.  Hers are so big on her it is pitiful.  They look terrible too.  Tillie found some money in Mom's room that I am going to use for new shoes for the both of us and new jeans for her.

Tillie is leaving tomorrow morning.  I have to teach early so I will be leaving before they will.  I have to be at the Muglia's by 11 am.  I am glad I have them tomorrow!  I have them once a month and just love them.  They are really nice girls.  The whole family came for cake and ice cream for Mom's birthday yesterday.  It was a really nice party and I am glad so many were able to come to celebrate Mom's birthday.  Who knows what next year will be like and what shape she will be in.

I have come to a conclusion about Mom and long term health care.  I am going to keep her with me as long as possible.  I don't want her in a home unless she absolutely needs it.  I can get people to come in and help with care when we need it, but that is my final decision.  She is going to have to get really bad before I place her in a home.  It is best for us.  She likes being with me and going to lessons, when she can't I will get someone to stay with her for the short time I am away.  As long as the medications are working properly, that is all I need for her.  I have made some other decisions about her too that will be implemented later this week after I get the info I need.

It has been such a busy week in the house, I don't mean necessarily busy for me, but our house was in a tornado because it was being cleaned.  It is so beautiful now.  I talked to my cousin Maia, and asked her if she would come and vacuum once a month for us and I would pay her.  She said sure!  I would rather pay someone I know because I know she could use the money too and it helps us at the same time.  Maia and I will be good friends, I can feel it, not just cousins, but friends too.  I like most of my cousins but I am friends with a few of them too, you know what I mean.

I dread tomorrow night without Mom.  I will leave a light on downstairs again so I can sleep.  I don't particularly like sleeping in the house alone, but I will do it since, well, Mom won't be here she will be with Tillie having a good time.  (I hope anyways!)  Tillie has to go to the library this week and she is taking Mom, Mom loves libraries even if she doesn't read much anymore, she just likes the library.  I think it is because she has such good memories of going with us as kids.

Pain in the legs is kinda bad today, don't really know why.  My arm is sore too.  I dread dressing the next couple of days too because pain is going to be really high because no one will be here to help me and that will be bad.  I am bringing a change of clothes with me on Wednesday so I can have some help from Mom.  It is such a drag to have trouble dressing!

I hope your Easter was wonderful and filled with joy and love and that the Easter bunny left you something nice!  The Easter bunny left us M & M filled eggs (two of them) and a bag of nestle eggs and Mom got a little stuffed bunny!!!!!!

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