Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It has been a good day so far, except for the blood test.  Can't say I enjoy that.  At least, the nurse did get the vein right away this time.  This particular nurse does a good and fast job.  I like her.  After that we met Georgette for lunch and really had a good time.  We ate at big boy's.  I had the new burger bar and salad bar.  It was good.  Mom ate a cup of soup and finished it all.  I mean, all of it.  She was trying to get more but it was empty.  I offered to get her another cup, but she said no.  She didn't like the piece of pita bread though, I love pita bread, so I ate it.  For dinner, Mom ate all, and I mean all, of her mashed potatoes.  It must have been about a cup of mashed potatoes and she finished them.  She is working on her meat.  I am so happy about her eating today.  Maybe the new medicine is working.

I found out why she is so bent over, it is because of the weight she has lost.  She can't stand up straight because her muscles won't let her until she gains weight.  I am working on that concept with her.  The doctor told me to give her whatever she wants and feed her something every couple of hours, so I will.  I want her to gain a bit of weight and stand up straight again.  We are changing her medicine again.  Instead of her anxiety medicine 2 times a day, she is going to double up and take both at night.  She doesn't really need it during the day anyways, but at night is when we have trouble.  I won't be giving her the anti-depressant because of the change of the anxiety one, also, it was making her more confused.  The doctor thinks its because of her weight (or lack of weight) that makes her not react well with it.  She is shuffling now when she walks so I have to really watch her because she could fall.  She is at risk of a fall, I will keep a close eye on her.  She holds my hand when we walk anywhere already, even if I am in a scooter in the store.  This way I can see how she is doing.  I don't want her to fall because she has osteoporosis and a fall could be really bad.

Tomorrow I think we are going to go to McCourt's music to show Dan the instruments.  I know he won't be there, but that is okay, he usually gets back to me pretty quick.  He also said to bring my clarinet so she can be serviced.  I don't think anything is seriously wrong with the instrument, it just needs a check up.  Every few years it is important to take the instrument in and have it serviced, pads and corks checked, key alignments, keys oiled, and oiling the wood.  I love that instrument.  We also have knitting tomorrow so a busy day for sure, just like I like them.

Pain seems normal today except the head, that has been going strong all day.  I am not happy about that, but there isn't anything I can do except for take pain pills.  I don't like to take extra, but I have to when it gets this bad.  I am hoping by bedtime it will be down to normal.  As long as I stay on this path, I will be able to take care of Mom for a long time.  I do worry that I will get sicker and then I won't be able to take care of her, so far, I have been fine.  We have to change a light bulb in the downstairs bathroom and put toilet paper in it, then it will be ready to use.  I have to find the ladder so I can change the light bulb.  We have them in Mom's room, thank goodness!  Not so hard to do, just can't find the ladder to do it.  You would think this would be an easy thing to do and it would be, if I could find the ladder.

I will be moving the stuff in front of the office door this weekend because I need to get in there for some music.  I need to get Lily some new songs.  The young lady needs some new Broadway stuff because the book she is using doesn't have anything else I want her to sing at this time.  Because she is 12, I am really picky on what she sings.  I don't like to give love songs to young people because they know nothing about it, how can you sing about something you know nothing about.  When the get to 14 they can sing just about anything.  I have exceptions to that rule, but by then they are usually dating or at least liking boys.  Lily isn't there yet (I am glad that boys are just her friends and not boyfriends!)  I have lots of stuff she will like, I just need to get into the room.  Shouldn't be a problem.  It doesn't look that difficult, just heavy stuff (weight wise).

It was beautiful out today, now it is a bit cooler, and will be cooler tonight, but during the day, it was wonderful!  I hope tomorrow is just as nice.  It is getting closer to when Mom and I can go for evening walks.  I just hope she is strong enough for them.  We will start slow and then increase as to how much she can handle.

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