Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's knitting day!  I am not a very good knitter, not like my friend, Heather B-T, she has made some awesome stuff and I am still on my first scarf.  But I am doing pretty good considering I have Fibromyalgia and Arthritis (in my hands and fingers), so an hour of knitting is good for me.  I can't do after an hour because the pain in my hands is too much.  Sometimes, even typing on the computer makes them hurt.  I can't wait to get my big computer out because that keyboard is better for me.  Once Maia and I have the office ready, I will be bringing the printer back downstairs and putting out the big computer.  I love that computer a lot too.  It has a great big screen that I use for graphics and photos and stuff like that.  I will be able to put in pictures in my blog of things I have made, painted, and the new look to the house in general.

We are doing alright here in the Paxton household today.  Mom ate brunch like a trooper and is now doing her usual falling asleep at the table.  This summer I plan to take the cushions on the couch and chairs downstairs and restuff them.  The cushions are all hard and definitely need to be redone.  It shouldn't cost much either.  I like the furniture, I just wish we had a hard wood floor downstairs instead of carpeting, oh well, I didn't choose it, Mom did and it is still her house.  I am going to get rid of a few things down there, like the bar stools, we don't need those anymore and the shuffleboard.  It takes up so much room and we don't use it.  Mom doesn't remember how and I have never liked it, so it is going!  I have a lot of boxes of office supply that will actually be coming up here and put into the cupboards in the utility room.  That will be a good place for them.  I will have a corner with shelves for sewing and craft items.  I don't think after putting the office supplies up here, that the craft items will fit in the cupboards.  I could be wrong as we haven't tried yet, but I don't think so.  I figure by end of summer our house will be ready and waiting for winter.  In the fall I will have the gas person from the fireplace store come and turn on the pilot light in the gas logs so that will be ready if we want to sit downstairs and play games or sew or something.  I don't plan on using that room too much, but I do plan on using my office and that is down stairs.  When I am down there, Mom usually is downstairs too because she likes to be near me at all times.  I prefer that too, that because then I know where she is and that she is okay.  It is almost like having a child around you, that's the way I look at it.  She is in the place of the child I never had.  Of course, when I was younger I didn't know I couldn't have them because of my blood disorder.  I was going to adopt, but then I got really really sick with vasculitis, and then the fibromyalgia flared even more and I decided that it wouldn't be fair to any child to try to raise them and be as sick as I was.  Now, of course, I am glad, because to take care of Mom and a child would be hard, although I know there are people who can.  I really applaud those people who can do both!  I know how hard it is with just an ill mom, can't imagine raising a little one on top of it.  She takes most of my attention and time.  Although, I am lucky, because she doesn't hallucinate much, isn't violent, and doesn't wander continuously.  I help her with what she needs and she does the rest on her own.  She is still able to feed herself, so that is good too.  Basically, I think, for a stage 6 (there are 7 stages altogether) she is doing pretty darn good.  I am lucky I still have her with me even if she doesn't eat enough.

The fibromyalgia is doing alright for the time being, my bad headache is going away!  Yeah!  My shoulder is the normal pain.  I have a little machine type thing that I use to help it get more flexibility and that seems to help a lot.  It is on my bedroom door.  Our friend, Jose, made it for me.  He was concerned that the shoulder would seize up permanently and made me the little pulley thing.  It was very generous of him, but that is the way he is.  The legs aren't as sore as they were earlier too.  I am going to need to get up earlier because my hips are really starting to complain about being in bed too long.  When they start, I am going to have to get up out of bed and get moving because that is the only way the pain stops.

Mom was up early as usual, I have no idea what time she gets up.  She was sitting on her bed when I was up around 8:00 (I of course, went back to bed!)  I am glad Bob and I moved her bed off the bed frame, it is so much easier for her.  She can sit on the bed and not feel like she will fall and if she does fall, it isn't so far down to go, she will miss the corner of the nightstand too, another bonus.

It is shoring up to be a great day here, I leave for knitting in while (with Mom in tow, of course!)  I am looking forward to seeing and spending time with Calli and Acer (Heather's children) and her Mom.  Her Mom seems to really like my Mom.  I am so glad.  They both have a lot in common and I thought this was funny, they both have the same 2 doctors, the family doctor and the neurologist!  How cool is that?  When Heather's Mom goes back to her own house (Heather and her brother are getting in ready for her and fixing up her bedroom) then Mom and I are going to invite her over for dinner here.  That will be lots of fun.  We love having company.  

Speaking of company, I am hoping Hayley will be able to stop by this Sunday.  She and her friend are planning a shopping trip over on this side of the border.  I have an order for Hayley that I know she is anxious to pick up and use the products that are in there.  I am not sure what all is in there as it is hers and I haven't opened it.  I like watching her open up the box and show me what she got.  Mom enjoys her company too.  I just love my cousin a lot.  We have a good time together.  I also like to meet her friends, usually they are very nice too.  

I hope you have a great day, we are so far and it looks like it is only going to get better!!!

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