Monday, April 19, 2010

It is day 2 for Mom's tummy medicine.  She ate really well this morning so I am hopeful this will work.  She is tired, but doesn't seem as tired as last night.  She dozes a lot during the day.  She slept all night straight through too.  I halved her antidepressant.  She was so difficult yesterday that I was going to deal with that everyday, that would just suck for both of us, so I cut the pills in half.  Seems to have done the trick, she sleeps and is a bit more alert, which she wasn't yesterday.  Grace is sick today so she is going to have a makeup on Wednesday.  It is a stomach thing, so I don't think Mom or I want to be there.  Poor kid.  I hope she feels better this afternoon.  Those things are awful when they hit.  I have 4 more lessons later this afternoon, so it is a good day.

We had our annual wrap up meeting for MMA last night.  I wish meetings were more often, they are fun and sometimes the only way I see my MMA friends.  We got a lot accomplished and I think everyone was really happy with how the competition went in February.  Next year it is in Grand Rapids.  We should have the money to go since I will be saving starting in September.  I think I will ask Tillie to go again so she can watch Mom.  Someone will need to because she doesn't do well without me near by and that could be a problem at competition when I am so busy.  I wish it was Kalamazoo, only because then i would see Kathy and her family.  I am hoping to see them next month for a day trip to bring them the games we are giving them.  I know the boys will be excited about that.

It is pretty nice outside, unlike the cold weekend we had.  It is getting nicer out again, although I did wake up with a bad headache.  I am going to take a brief nap after I am done with this since my head was hurting so bad, it made me a bit tired.  I don't know if Mom will nap or not.  Two chances I guess.  So far, it looks like she has stopped wandering around the house right now.  I am not taking down the gate though because that would be the day she goes right out the door and that would be bad.  Very bad.  Extremely bad, especially if I am sleeping and don't know she is out.  I am going to get those door things later on, we don't need them right now, but I think eventually it would be a good idea.  Just another way to keep her safe.  

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