Sunday, April 11, 2010

Not much going on today.  I spoke to Kathy for, oh, about 1 1/2 hours on the phone!  Glad I get so many minutes a month and weekends are free because man, can we talk!  It was fun.  Mom was drinking her ensure while we were talking.  She is almost finished with it.

I had to return the cute shoes I bought her.  I noticed as I was about to cut the tags off, that they were wide and she has narrow feet.  Oops!  I will look later this month with Julie for cute shoes for Mom.  Julie is going to go with me after we figure out what Mom needs in clothes for the wedding.  She she help Elyse plan the wedding, it works out perfectly.

Mom isn't eating good again.  She is trying but, she needs to eat more.  I almost lost it at Tim Horton's for our breakfast.  She only ate 1/2 of her soup instead of all of it.  Last time she at 3/4 of it and I was happy.  I told her she only had to eat 1/2 though because she kept saying she was full.  She also ate a donut.  She loves her donuts.  She now weighs about 90 lbs.  She will get weighed when she sees the doctor again.  I have to make the appointment (I will be doing that tomorrow)  I also need to send a check into them too!  I will be writing out bills this evening after I check our bank account again.  I check it everyday so I know how much we have, what has gone through, what hasn't gone through, you know, stuff like that.

Mom is pretty tired today though, she was sleeping in her chair when I was talking on the phone.  We have to go to Border's later today for a book for book club.  I may wait and get it next week when the new coupons go out.  I have until May 22 to read the book, so time is not an issue.  I have plenty of it.

We are going to watch New Moon today and some more of the last disc of Murder She Wrote.  It is almost over.  :( :(  We have watched almost all 11 seasons now.  When we finish disc 5, we will have watched the entire series on disc.  Mom really likes that show, although I think sometimes she can't see the TV so good so I will bring down her other glasses for her.  She is stretching now, she does this all day because she sits a lot.

I got some new books for my birthday.  We went to the used bookstore and they had some oldies, but goodies.  I got six new to me books.  I have read 2 of them, but I love them.  They are some of the books that got mixed up and went into the rummage sale last year.  There was one box that wasn't for the sale (it had my favorite books in it) but somehow it went too even though I marked it NO.  Things like this happen a lot it seems in the Paxton house.  

I bought a new electric kettle because the cord got thrown out with other stuff when the kitchen was being cleaned.  That actually made me mad because that was about $23 to re-buy when I had a perfectly good one.  I am tired of buying stuff that I already have, like Mom's clothes.  She had a perfectly good outfit with a cute blouse (a high collar one because she thinks her neck is too thin), it had a jacket, vest, and a skirt.  Mom looks very nice in it and I knew she would want to wear it to the wedding.  Well, the blouse and the skirt are gone, they went into donations along with most of her blouses, skirts, jackets, and sweaters.  All her church going clothes and some of her pajama pants and sweat pants too.  Basically, she has the one pair of jeans she wearing, some t-shirts, and her new hoodies left.  I wasn't that happy about it, I was pretty upset.  I didn't get a chance to look at anything they donated because they didn't ask me and I didn't realize they were upstairs, so all in all, not good.  I am not as mad as I was, but it still bothers me when I think about it.  I will get over it, that is for sure, but I have to have some time.  Sometimes Mom wants to wear something other than jeans.  Fortunately, her dress pants are still there, 2 red blouses, and a few jackets.  I should be able to come up with something for her to wear at the wedding.  She also may want a new dress for the wedding and in that case, let's go shopping!

I do have to get her new shoes because all her old ones were heels and she can't wear heels anymore.  Those were donated too.  (That was the good part)

It is nice and sunny and a bit warmer out today.  I am liking the weather!  Hope it stays like this for a few days before the rain comes back.  I hope your day is good, mine isn't too bad right now.  More later!

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