Sunday, April 25, 2010

We just got back from the ER with Mom.  She had a CT scan, chest x-ray, blood tests, and urine tests.  Everything came back okay, except there may be something with her kidney's now.  She was very confused this morning, I mean really, really confused.  Way more than normal, it was hard for her to keep her head up, it was resting on the table and she thought it was up.  She is eating dinner now, she is doing a pretty good job with her dinner, I am happy about that.  Of course, this morning while she was super confused and couldn't hold anything, I was yelling and losing my patience.  She slept okay, I think, because she was up before me.  That in itself is nothing unusual, because she is often up before me.  I wonder if putting her back into bed would have help her.  I don't know because I didn't do it.  I don't know if that would have helped.  She nearly fell coming out of the house, but fortunately, she didn't, it was a close call.

After 3 1/2 hours of the emergency room, we were in and out.  We got in pretty quick too, I was impressed with that.  We saw the doctor right away too, I mean, it seemed like we just got in and there he was.  He said Mom needed to see her doctor right away this week for further testing.  It could also be Alzheimer's dropping too.  He said sometimes a person will do a drop and then go right back up again.  I will know more tomorrow.  Right now I am just happy she is eating something and is sitting up better than she was this morning.

Pain is a bit higher because of the stress.  I am very tired now.  I think after this Extreme Makeover show we are going to bed.  Mom is tired too, I think both from getting up early and going to emergency this afternoon.

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