Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mom ate her donut and 1/2 her muffin without too much trouble today.  I should have some answers by the weekend.  She is drinking water without me reminding her too, so that is good.  We are going to my friend, Heather's, for knitting today.  Calli has a half day so she will be there when we arrive.  She is so cute and sweet.  She is very excited about the concert on Saturday.  I, too, am excited about the concert.  I just have to make the concert program tomorrow and then print them up.  That won't take to long.

Mom is in the whispering mode again.  Being partially deaf, it drives me nuts because I can't hear her and she won't speak up so I end ignoring her because I can't hear her.  She just doesn't get it anymore.  She is afraid people will over hear what she is saying.  Like anyone, outside of me, cares?  She has always been a freak over this issue, but is worse now that she is older.  She does this too me quite frequently and I am getting a bit angry at it.  I can't hear her.  Plain and simple, I am partially deaf and whispering or talking so soft that I can't hear makes my head hurt worse.  I expect that when I remind her that I am deaf, for her to speak up, does she?  No, she does it again, then I get mad and speak harshly, which isn't so good.  I need prayers for patience.  I just am running out right now with all these issues.  Other than these two she really is easy.  I know what she needs help with and I help her.  She doesn't get mean, even when I am yelling or speaking harshly, she does what I ask (except for the 2 issues) she goes to bed easy now.  So I don't have a lot of room to complain.  She has even stopped wandering around the house.  I still gate her upstairs, in case, because I certainly don't need her wandering outside again.  Been there, done that, not happening again.

It is so beautiful outside.  I don't even need a coat on, it is close to 80 degrees.  How heavenly.  Even Mom was getting a bit warm inside Walmart and walking in and out of it.  I am putting on her light jacket when we leave for my friend's house.  Tomorrow is supposed to be wet and a bit colder, but spring, at last is here.

We have a sub division meeting tonight.  I enjoy them a lot.  We see our neighbors, talk about what needs to be done and have a good old time.  We will be in bed as soon as we get home though because Mom gets tired there, especially with her not eating enough.  I don't expect her to get fat or anything, just gain a few pounds so that she weighs at least 100 pounds, that is what the doctors want.

Pain is normal for the day.  I expect it to be a bit worse tomorrow because of the rain, but today is alright, it is doable.  Okay, a day without pain would be the best, but that isn't going to happen until there is a cure.  So let's hope there is a cure someday in the future!

Have a good afternoon and evening!

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