Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's Mom's second birthday party!  I know she doesn't really remember the first, but that is okay, I remember it for her.  I have the camera ready and everything for it.  I only forgot pop so Tillie had to go out so she is going to get some.  I am excited about this like I was for the last one.

Mom's room is half done, I'd say more than half, but Tillie says half and she is in charge so she would know!  I am only an innocent bystander in this project.  Our dining room no longer looks like boxes everywhere and stuff all over.  Our table has the spring table cloth on it.  Basically, everything looks wonderful like a whole new house.  hard to believe what we have been living in.  So nice of cousins to come and help!  I really appreciate it because I just couldn't have done what they have done.  Not at all, I just couldn't.  You know what it is like with fibromyalgia and how you can only do things in baby steps.

I almost forgot to put the roast on for dinner!  Fortunately, I remembered and it is cooking now.  I love the pork roast kits you can buy, all the veggies are there and a nice cut of pork.  We are having Cornish hens (I think I have already said that) tomorrow and I am excited to cook them.  With the kitchen as nice as accessible now, I want to do more cooking.  It is a scary thing, Heather wants to cook again!  We have a freezer full of frozen food I have to finish first.  I love my crock pot too!  It is so easy to do.  I just sit at the table and cut up the veggies, then I toss them in the pot add a bit of water and bam! it is done and in a few hours we have our dinner.

I will be by myself for a couple of days.  Tillie wants Mom to go home with her so she is going to go with Tillie.  I will miss Mom, but as it is a Monday and a Tuesday, I will be busy with teaching.  I may even do a craft or two!  I will be at Tillie's early Wednesday for Mom's appointments.  She has a doctor and her bath appointments.  Thursday she is getting her picture taken at Walmart.  Since it will be right after the bath, she will be spiffed up.  I think I am putting her in a pink sweatshirt she  was wearing yesterday.  It is really pretty and she looked very nice in it.  Today she has a green one on.  She now has about 10 hoodies in her collection, we (they) found some when they were working on her room.  She looks very cute in hoodies.  I will post a picture when we get them so you can see what I mean.  I know everyone thinks their Mom is the cutest, but really, I have the cutest little old lady for a Mom.  Really.  I do.  She is the best even if she isn't all there anymore.  What is left of her is wonderful.

Well, off to teaching!  Have a great Easter and wonderful Saturday!!!


  1. You have such a nice blog with all your family stories. I like stopping by.

    I would love to see your painted violins. Although I do not personally have any musical talent I admire anyone who does! I am a lover of music. My kids play the piano and guitar. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  2. you too! I will be posting pictures of the violins in may!