Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mom ate all her lunch and asked for more!  Yup!  I said, more!  So, of course, I got her more.  I went and got her a cookie, they are pretty big and she wanted a small one.  I expected her to eat 1/2 and be done with it, nope, she ate it all!  She also drank 1/2 her water all ready today!  I mean, who could ask for more.  She is also sitting up straighter and walking straighter, not so slumped over like the last few days.  Mom must be getting stronger again!  I was really worried about her, I thought I'd be burying her from starvation, but the new medicine must be kicking in.  I am so thrilled with her today.  She even helped me get dressed without too much problem.  That is a first in a week.  Yesterday, I struggled to do it myself (except for socks) and managed, but boy was I exhausted and sore afterwards.  Today, she did it with no problem.  What a day!  I am so excited by this happy news.  I have to email my older brother, Richard about this new development.  I wonder when he is coming to visit.  He is (hopefully this will continue) going to see an improved Mom, not the one he would have seen a week ago, where she was failing and going downhill fast.  Now she is on an upswing.  Okay, maybe I need to rein in my enthusiasm until this has been going on for a few days, but it is so hard.  

Mom is sleeping in her chair right now, but not as much as she did the other day.  I think boredom does it to her.  I know it does it to me and we have boredom every so often here.  I try to come up with things that will interest us, but I don't always do that.

Disney has a new movie out we want to see.  Oceans.  It looks really good.  We enjoyed the Earth movie they did last year so I think we will enjoy this one.  With Mom hopefully doing better, she should enjoy it too.  We have gift certificates that Mom got for her birthday that we will use.

Pain isn't too bad today.  I haven't woken up with a bad headache this week, although it does hurt a bit more now, but it will go down as I have taken a pain pill.  My arm isn't so bad today either, probably because I had help this morning and I haven't moved it wrong yet.  I say yet, because sometimes I forget it is frozen and try to move it and then it really hurts.

I have knitting this afternoon, I love going to my friend's house for knitting.  I don't get much done, but that is okay because I spend time gabbing with her and her Mom and her kids.  Her kids are simply wonderful.  One of them is my student and in the fall they both will be.  I just love them.  They did really well, like all my kids did, at the concert.  They had some technically difficulty with the drums during the Ode to Joy, but they continued on like the troopers they are.  I haven't been able to tell them how proud I was of them because they continued on and didn't get upset.  It was really good.

It is beautiful outside, a touch chilly, but not too bad.  Mom has changed into her spring jacket and looks adorable in her pink sweatshirt, hoodie, and spring jacket.  She should be able to shed the hoodie in a few weeks and just wear a sweatshirt with the spring jacket.  Her pictures are in too, they turned out great.  I am to give Hayley Andrew's so he can pick it up from her.  I will see her on Saturday. 

I hope your day is as good as mine is!!!

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