Friday, April 9, 2010

We went to Red Lobster for late lunch/early dinner for my birthday.  Mom ate 1/4 of her potato and none of her fish.  She said wasn't hungry and since we ate breakfast late (we didn't eat as much as usual) so I wasn't upset.  I will give the rest to her for dinner later tonight when she gets hungry.  Tillie was here and came with us.  It was fun.

Not much happening right now or for the rest of the night.  We are just watching the news.  Like I said, nothing interesting.  Maybe we will go and get some ice cream.  I don't know, we will see.  Mom likes ice cream a lot.  Mom is doing well with every time I remind her it is "take a sip of water time" and then she takes a sip.  It much easier this way.  She had milk for dinner but didn't finish it.  She can finish it later.

I picked up my taxes yesterday.  I am so lucky to have Julie do mine for me and it doesn't cost too much.  She is an expert and does a nice job.  Unfortunately, I owe, so I will be sending the check this week.  At least it isn't much.  I am saving all receipts for next year so I will be in a better position.  It is hard though to keep everything in order.

I think we are going to finish up with Murder She Wrote this weekend.  We will then have seen all 11 seasons.  We wish there were more as we both really enjoyed the show.

I have a bit of a bigger headache than usual, Darvacet works pretty okay to bring it down to normal.  I am really a bit tired today but I am sure that won't help when I go to bed.  It is a dreary day outside, no sun, just cloudy.  I hope tomorrow brings us a sunny day!

Hope you had a great day!

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