Friday, April 23, 2010

Mom is still eating better.  I am really pleased on this.  She ate 1/2 her fish for dinner, 1/2 of the beans, and all the chicken soup.  I brought home the rest for tomorrow night's dinner.  I also have chicken to cook and the beef roast.  I think I will cook some of it next week.  I am really getting into cooking with the crock pot.  Mom likes it too.  Of course, now that she is eating more, I will cook more interesting food, not so many frozen dinners.  

I talked to Mike last night.  He used to work for me at the store.  He is a retired person who wanted something else to do during the day so he went to work at our store.  When I bought it, I kept him on, I mean, he was an excellent employee, so why change a good thing?  I didn't see the point of changing him.  He was great at what he did.  I called Oliver, but he called me back when I was eating dinner, so I couldn't talk to him.  I hope to get together with the both of them and Jessie and Katie soon.  It will be fun.  I did receive some bad news from Mike, he lost his wife, Joanne, last May.  That was so sad to hear.  I really liked her a lot.

I tried to have a discussion with Mom but she really couldn't keep up.  I have some decisions to make this week about what Mom and I are going to do.  I have done some research and we really don't have the money to move, it cost a lot of money to hire movers, plus we need someone special to move the pianos and according to research, with Mom in stage 6 of Alzheimer's, moving can be especially hard on her.  I don't think we are going to move.  We can afford the house right now.  Richard has offered us to live with him if it becomes necessary, so we have a back up plan.  I just don't see how moving to Windsor is going to help us, I would have to give up teaching and start over there.  I like it here and Mom is doing well in our house.  Yes, the stairs are hard, but if I change a light bulb and put toilet paper in the bathroom, the downstairs bathroom is ready for to go.  The toilet works, the floor needs to be vacuumed and scrubbed, but other than that, it ready for use.

Pain is medium today.  We had sewing so my mind was kept off of it for a while (a good thing!).  My head has been giving me hassles this week.  I am not happy about that development.  We shall see how long it lasts.  I don't remember if last spring brought me so many headaches, it may have for all I know.  I just don't remember.  This fibro fog can really get annoying.

It was really nice out today, it is supposed to rain all day Saturday and Sunday.  Yay!  Rain!  Ugh.  Oh well, if there is no rain, there is no flowers.  I hope your day was as nice as mine.

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