Friday, April 16, 2010

We went to the doctor for Mom today.  She got 2 new prescriptions, one for an appetite stimulant and the other for depression.  I hope they work.  She weighs 94 pounds, so that is 10 more than I thought so that is good.  She is skin and bones though, although, hopefully she will gain a bit of weight.

She is eating dinner right now, one of those smart ones frozen dinners.  We like them.  She had 1/2 finished but I told her she needed to eat the rest.  It looks like she might.

I pulled her off the serax the Windsor doctor put her on.  It was making her lethargic during the day and more confused and she ate even less than normal!  I looked it up last night on the Internet and made the decision to not give it to her anymore.  She was having too many side effects and it wasn't that effective either.  I found out it was for anxiety and agitation, well, she already has medicine for that, she didn't need anymore for it.  I also researched more on stage 6 of Alzheimer's.  For the sleep disturbances, there is no medicine to fix that, at least none anyone has found.  At least she is still talking and eating (even though it isn't much) and can still enjoy somethings.  As long as I can keep her with me, I will be happy.  I plan to keep her as long as possible.  If I have to place her in long term care, I will reluctantly do it.  I won't do it willingly.

Tomorrow is the spring concert.  There will only be 6 students in it.  After this I have to make the program.  It will be a 1 pager that is for sure.  It will be the smallest concert ever, but since I couldn't change the date too many won't be able to attend.  It will still be fun and the kids will enjoy it.  There will be a total of 11 songs so it will be very short.  Maybe afterwards, the kids and I will go for ice cream, that would be a perfect end of the day.

It is a bit cooler today than yesterday, although still nice and sunny.  I have changed into my spring jacket and put mom in hers this morning.  She is only wearing 1 hoodie and the spring jacket, better than how much I had to layer her for the winter.

I was late for Frank's lesson tonight.  I lost track of time at Walmart's.  I was only picking up a few things and dropping the prescriptions.  Fortunately, I had my phone on and not on vibrate, so I heard them call.  They waited.  I felt so horrible about it.  I try to make sure I am on time for every lesson and not miss any.  He and his mom were fine, they said they are late a lot so it is no big deal.  I can at least say I rarely miss a lesson due to forgetting, but it does happen.

Pain is normal today.  I feel relieved knowing Mom weighs more than I thought and we have some new medicine to try for her.  She ate pretty well for her for dinner.  All in all, a decent day.

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