Monday, April 5, 2010

Mom is gone for a few days.  It is so boring without her.  I am supposed to enjoy this, but I am not.  I want Mom here with me.  She entertains me, I entertain her, we entertain each other all day long.

I ended Easter Sunday with a tummy ache.  Yup, a tummy ache and a bad one.  Not a happy camper about that let me tell you.  I still am not feeling 100% today on top of being lonely without the Mom person around.  When I am not feeling well she is very sympathetic.  I need some sympathy today, I really don't feel very well.  My head is bad and so are my legs.  I need a new body.  Know what I mean?  I know some of you do know this very well.

This will be short.  I will stop whining now.  It is beautiful out today!  Nice and sunny, wish I was enjoying it!  I hope your day is better than mine!!

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