Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mom ate a small plateful of chicken and mashed potatoes for the first time in 2 weeks.  We were at Tillie's and she had her bath and Teri said Mom looked like she lost another 5 pounds this week.  Well, of course I flipped.  I was not a happy camper, that puts her at about 85 pounds with clothes on.  (Since she was 90 pounds with clothes on when I weighed her a couple of weeks ago)  Tillie pointed out that if she keeps this up she will end up in the hospital.  Mom was upset by that.  She is afraid of the hospital because she is afraid that the hospital will then move her into the nursing home.  I am afraid of that too.  I want her with me.  She drank a full ensure at Tillie's, so I am happy with what she has eaten today.  I am taking her to the doctor tomorrow because the physician assistant for my tummy doctor said there is medicine to help her increase her appetite.  I will ask about that.  She does take a multivitamin now.  It is a chewable.  I wonder if this lack of eating is normal for Alzheimer's.  I haven't read anything about it, but that doesn't mean it isn't normal.  Mom has always been weird over food to begin with, so now she is just weirder about it.

She is all spiffed up from her shower and hair wash today.  I will be asking for a prescription for a shower and hair wash over here to make it easier on me and hopefully we will get it 2 times a week.  She likes getting all nice and clean and it is very hard for me to help her with that.  So I spent last week researching and finding out what we can do here and how to do it.  I figured it all out and now I will enact upon it.  Anything to take care of Mom.  That is my first priority, Mom.

Pain is high today, not surprisingly though because of the lack of Mom eating these last two weeks.  When I worry about her, I ache more.  I have a medium size headache tonight and my arm is pretty sore too.  I am also rather tired.  

This weekend is the spring concert.  Should be rather short since about 6 of my students aren't going to be in it because of illness and schedule conflicts.  I planned it a few months ago so I can't change the date especially since the store where we have it at  is completely booked for the month of May, which is when I usually have the concert.  I figure it will last about 1/2 hour.  I am getting used to short concerts, unfortunately, the length of the concert doesn't change the price of the room.  It is still $125 to use whether it is for an hour or a 1/2 hour or 2 hours.  I don't really miss the 3 hour concerts we used to have because I had so many students.  I do miss having that many students, just not how long the concerts were.  I hope in the next few years I have my student roster grow.  I am going to take some of the money we found and place an ad in the newspaper, a regular ad, not a classified.  I tried 6 weeks of classified and they didn't work.  I will see how much it is to put in a small regular ad, maybe I will be able to put it in for more than 1 week.  We shall see, all boils down to the dough, how much does it cost.  That is what matters.  I am putting it in the little C & G newspaper, we only need our area so I won't be putting in ads in more than one newspaper, just the Shelby News.  I like the newspaper, it has pretty much only local news.

It is getting warmer again!  yeah!  Sunshine!  I am so happy spring is here.  Mom loves the sunshine.  I don't know how much we will walk since she is so tired all the time.  After we fix this little eating problem, we will try to go for our nightly walks.  I take the scooter, and she walks next to me.  She really enjoyed it last year, she would get restless if we didn't go unless it was raining and then she didn't want to go (smart lady, my Mom!)  I hope to hear from Richard soon to know when he is coming to visit.  Mom and I are anxious to see him.  I haven't seen him in over 1 1/2 years, way too long!  Way, way, way too long of not seeing the big brother.  I miss his kids more than him though, I don't know if they will be coming or not.  As he is in and out of work, like so many in this country, it all depends on cost.  I hope they do, but I am not holding my breath about it though.

It has been a rather trying day, I hope your day was better than mine.  Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a better day for me.  I have knitting with my friend tomorrow.

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