Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It has been a good day even though I wasn't sure it would be.  I talked to my friend, Diane, on line while I was waiting for Zachary for his lesson and it was fun.  She is so nice.  She is from the Michigan Music Association that I belong too.  She has 29 students right now!  That is awesome.  I remember having that many, I will again soon.  I can't have too many because I take care of Mom.  Zach just called, he is running a little behind.  I said, no problem, just drive safely.  That is the important thing.

I may have 2 new students starting this summer.  That would be great!  They are my friend's children.  I knew her in high school and thanks to face book, we reconnected.  I just love face book.  I have become friends with my old friends and people I knew, but wasn't really friends with.  

Tomorrow I am having lunch with Georgette, another MMA friend.  I just love MMA.  It is a good organization and really good people.  They all work hard for the students and that is what is important to me.

Mom is doing okay today.  She still is a bit bent over, but I don't get it.  She isn't as bent over as she was on Sunday, so it is slowly getting better.  I can't believe that April is more than 1/2 over!  What a fast month this has been.  I am looking forward to May when we can get outside more.  My scooter is just waiting for me and Mom to go for a walk.  We will start slow and then we will slowly add distance.  I don't want to tire her out, that would be bad.  I am hoping we can walk up to Tim Horton's like we did last summer.  That was a nice little walk.  Mom's doing okay eating, she finished everything again.  We will see how she does at dinner.  That seems to be where she has a problem finishing stuff.  I think I am either going to get me Taco Bell or Subway, I just don't feel like a frozen dinner.  I am really tired of them.  When we pick up our medicine at Walmart, I am going to get stuff for the crock pot and make something.  I love my crock pot.  I may pick up a chicken (small one) and cook it in the crock pot.  I have to buy more seasoning because we don't have any left.  It was all out dated so in the garbage it went.  I also want to get some mushroom soup.  I am going to make a potato and veggie something out of it.  I can be creative with cooking when I want, and right now I want to.

Mom is drinking her afternoon snack, an ensure.  Fortunately, she likes them, so that is good.  She has to drink a couple a day because of her weight.  I think the new medicine will help her become more hungry.  She is such a tiny thing these days.

Pain is normal today, my head is finally back to it's normal dull roar.  I woke again with a bad headache, but this time I got up and didn't continue to lay there and make it worse.  I have a blood test tomorrow morning!  Ugh!  I was supposed to have it 3 weeks ago, but I forgot.  Then I forgot to keep making the appointment, yeah, not my best time this month for remembering blood tests.  After that is when I meet up with Georgette, then I have Grace and then an appointment with Mom.  Definitely a busy day tomorrow!  yeah!  I love busy days.

It is beautiful out today with the sun shining and the little birds singing.  They were singing out my window this morning.  I hope you are enjoying your day!!!!

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