Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We had lunch with new people today.  We see them all the time at Tim Horton's and today I invited them to sit with us.  They are very very nice.  Mom enjoyed it too, she told me so.  She, as usual, is falling asleep in her chair, only she has her coat still on.  If I don't take it off, she won't for hours, but she wanted it left on today, so I left it on.  She is now standing for a bit, she says.  She goes back and forth between standing and sleeping all day long.  Poor thing.  Must be hard to have Alzheimer's.  I would think so anyway.  It's hard on me and I am not the one who has it.

Mom and I will be visiting Kathy in a few weeks.  I have some games I wish to give them.  We aren't going to play them anymore (Mom just can't - and I get tired of playing for her).  I think her boys will like them a lot.  I am going to bring them some monopolies, sorry, trivial pursuit, and checkers.  

Katie is sick today so she won't have her lesson.  Frank will be having his on Friday instead of yesterday since he was out of town all last week, and apparently he had a cold the whole time they were gone.  Poor kid.  Nothing like being on vacation and ill.  Those two words should never go together, know what I mean.

I am very tired today.  I may take a wee nap in the living room.  I didn't get up early or anything, I just am more tired.  My head is sore more than normal today too.  Stupid head.  That's all I have to say about it.  I have to find something better to do with my time than what I am doing.  I don't know what, but I have to find something.  I would like to find a job that I work at home doing so I don't have to put Mom in daycare, but so far I haven't any luck.  The best thing would be more students!  That would be the best.  I am debating on whether or not to take some of the money we found and use it to place an ad for lessons.  Even if I only get one, it is worth it.  I have to find out how much the ads are though.  I am planning on calling this week.  Ads might work for more students.  I know this isn't the season for a lot more students, but maybe one or two would be interested in learning.  We shall see.

We are now onto season 10 of JAG.  I love that show.  We will begin watching it this weekend on Saturday afternoon.  Then we will move onto Walker Texas Ranger season 6 and then season 7.  We enjoyed that show too, a lot.  After that, we are out of shows to watch so we will watch something we already have.  Mom doesn't remember them, so it doesn't matter and often I am doing something else too besides watching the TV (Nintendo DS Lite!!!! or knitting).  It gives us something to do together and she likes it, so why not?  I don't really watch much TV, and could often care less if it was even on, but Mom likes the noise of it.  It can get really quiet here in the house and she doesn't like that.

Julie will be here this weekend and she is going to help us with Mom's clothing issue.  She is going to go shopping with me and Mom after tax season.  She is a tax prep person, so you can only imagine how busy she is right now!  No one sees Julie during tax season, she is also very good at what she does.  I have to ask her to do the sales and use tax returns for 2007 and 2008 for the store too.  I forgot to ask how much that would be because I really need it done.  The state keeps asking me for it, like every month since I lost the store.  I don't miss the store anymore.  With Mom in the shape she is in, it is a bit better now that we don't have it.  We are paying our bills and not being late with most of them.  I am about to pay a car payment that will bring me current with the car and no more late fees!  Yeah!  About time!  I hate paying late fees, it is like burning money to me.  I can waste money easy, I don't need any help by having to pay late fees.

It is sunny and it is getting warmer again.  It is suppose to warm up as the week goes on.  I hope so, poor Mom is just so cold.  It is also getting closer to when Richard is coming to visit.  I can't wait to see him!  I miss my big brother.  It is also getting closer to when we are taking a day trip to see my little brother, Andrew.  I miss him too.  My brothers just live too far away from me and I don't like it.

I hope your day is going well and is sunny out too!  I have had enough of this rain.  Although I tell myself often: April showers bring May flowers and I love May flowers!

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