Monday, April 12, 2010

I was wrong!  There IS a season 12 of Murder She Wrote!  I don't know when it comes out, but it will be soon, I imagine.  Season 11 came out in February.  Even Amazon doesn't know when it comes out.  Dancing with the Stars is on right now.  It isn't as exciting without Donny Osmond.  I just love him, he is so entertaining to watch.  It could be because I am also pretty tired today.  I had 4 lessons which is normal for a Monday, but I woke up tired for some reason.  More than usual.  Mom is pretty tired today too.  Although I think the new sleep medicine isn't helping her too much and it is making her drag during the day.  That is why I didn't want prescription sleep medicine.  She is tired enough.

Not much going on, just the usual, pay a few bills, make dinner, clean up dinner, and make Mom drink more water.  I think it is just the let down after a busy day.  I was hoping to talk to Richard this weekend, but he was busy and didn't call me back.  I tried again today.  I will try later this week, he may be working out of town this week for all I know or he could be working at home.  Like I said, I didn't get to talk to him so I don't know.  I am looking forward to seeing him soon.  I want to take Mom to Seattle during the summer, but that isn't going to happen, Mom won't be able to handle it.  She had a hard time just going to Tillie's.  We are heading there Wednesday after my doctor appointment.  Then we will be coming home after dinner.  She will have an appointment next Wednesday, so we won't be going to visit that day.

I am glad spring is finally here.  It is a bit warmer today than last week but not quite warm enough for us to be able to take walks in the evening.  I can't wait.  Mom really enjoyed it last year so I am hoping this year she will like it too.  It's hard in some ways because she was so much better last summer than she is right now.  She could handle so much more.  Now she really can't.

Pain isn't so bad today for a change, especially since I am so tired.  Usually that means much more pain.  My elbows are a bit sorer than normal though.  Weird I know, what can I say?  I have a weird illness.  So many of my friends have the same one, it is nice to know people know what I mean.

It has been an okay day despite the exhaustion.  I hope your day is doing well too.

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