Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I have Mom back with me.  I won't be doing that again soon that is for sure.  First of all, I decided I really like having Mom with me (most of the time anyway!).  Second, our house is too quiet with only me in it.  I don't sleep well without Mom in the house.  I start to freak over a possible break in.  Yes, I am aware that it wouldn't matter whether or not Mom is here, if someone wants to break in, then they will, but I sleep better and don't start hearing noises if Mom is here.  I don't know if Mom enjoyed her time away but she says she is glad she is back.  I think it confuses her more if she is not home and going back and forth to another house.  After we get back she asks when we are going home and while we are there she asks when are we going home.  So you can see why I think she gets more confused about where she is sometimes.  If we are home more, she doesn't ask unless she is very tired for the day.  I also don't think she sleeps well anywhere but at home and she doesn't sleep all that well here at home.  She was up 3 times last night and one time Monday night.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be 42.  Hard to believe, it seems like yesterday I was turning only 30, and here it is almost 42.  Mom is getting her picture taken and then I will have knitting with my friend Heather.

I think we are done with working on the house for right now.  I don't want anything else done right now.  The dining room, kitchen, utility room, and living room are finished and that is fine.  Mom's room is 1/2 done and I want to finish it myself, the garbage is out of the room, so that is really all I need.  I need to go through what clothes Mom has left and see what fits her, and see what she needs.  She doesn't really have anything for the wedding in June.  I do have a pair of black dress pants for her, and possibly a jacket, but all her blouses are gone.  They were turning color, from what Tillie said so they got rid of them.  If they were yellowing, they wouldn't do us any good.  Her shoes need to be replaced too because all she had for dress shoes were high heels, and no, she doesn't have the balance for those!  I will buy her a cute pair of flats that she can wear to church too.  She has dress boots, they are right in the dining room right now, but I will be moving them to the front closet.  Unfortunately, one of the tragedies of the clean up was my fancy skirt that I was planning to wear for the wedding (depending on the heat of course).  I don't know for sure that I would wear it, but the decision has been made now.  It is gone.  I think they thought it was Mom's and put it in the bag, but oh well, gone now.  Maybe next fall I can go to Liz Claiborne and maybe she would have a fancy skirt for the winter season then.  I can always make one too if I really want one.  In the fall they have some really nice winter color taffeta that would look real nice as a skirt.  I haven't worn in a few years and have worn it only about 3 times, all on vacations.  (cruises - formal night)  Like I said, I have a couple of pairs of really nice dress pants.  I need a new pair of flats too so I am going to be ordering them shortly.  I have a nice sweater that is light that I am planning to wear so I am all set for Elyse's wedding.  I just have to wait until June for it.

It is so nice having Mom here again!  I just had to say it again!  I really missed her.  I used the time to think about what it is I want.  I have come to the conclusion, I like taking care of her (most of the time - nobody can be happy with it all the time, I think) and I really like teaching.  I don't want to move, I like our house, it is just the right size for us.  We have a nice (now clean and fresh looking) living room that the pianos fit nicely in and so does some of my music.  We have a nice office in the family room that the music file cabinets fit and a table that I can put my big computer on and do some writing, editing, etc.  Our family room is kinda a catch all right now and we don't use it.  We have furniture from the living room in it and a nice table with 5 barrel chairs.  I have decided I like the furniture and the table and chairs.  If we have company and we want to go downstairs, we have the space.  In the fall I will get the fireplace (gas) started - yes, I will call the professionals for this one! - so if we want to use the family room, it will be ready for us.  I like the dining room furniture even though only 2 chairs right now are usable.  I will fix the other 2 this summer.  I think I can do it.  I just have to re glue them and then they will be usable.  So I have made some good decisions - ones that I can live with.  The violins and violas that are left over from the store will be sold and 2 will be given away on this blog.  I have about 25 of them left.  I will save 2 for the Michigan Music Association competition next year and then that will be all.  Also, 2 will go with my friend, Heather, for her 2 children.  Her son is just fascinated with the violins.  He plays with one every time his sister comes for her lesson.  I am going to sell my profession violin, student violin, professional flute, student flute, and student clarinet.  I am keeping my one student clarinet and my professional clarinet.

It is raining today so the pain is a bit higher.  I feel better about what is going on with the house right now.  I feel real good about it.  I made a few other decisions too that I was so upset about, I feel real good about that.  I really do so I am in a good place right now.  I am going to start doing more writing and maybe I will get something published.  We shall see!  I hope  your day has been a good one and your tomorrow is good too!

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