Saturday, April 10, 2010

We went to the Olive Garden for dinner.  Mom ate 3/4 of her soup.  I was impressed.  She usually only eats 1/2.  I only ordered her soup though because I didn't want to waste any money by ordering her a dinner.  She also drank some milk, I brought the rest home since I ordered a child size.  It was really big, for a child size.

We had book club today and it was fun.  Maggie and Debbie were there.  Aggie is very ill this weekend so she wasn't here and I think Katie was at work or she is still ill too.  Not sure.  I will ask on Tuesday when I see the young lady for her lesson.

We talk about so many things at book club besides the book although we do discuss this in detail.  I have liked most of the books we have read, only one I didn't like and didn't finish.  Which I consider pretty darn good.  Debbie picked the book this month.  I asked her too because next month is her last month before she moves out west.  She has a great opportunity to move to Seattle and I am glad she is taking it even though I will miss her a lot.  She is such a neat young lady.  She is now 23.  (she turned 23 on Saturday last week).  

We are supposed to see Hayley possibly tomorrow.  I certainly hope so.  I didn't really get a chance to talk to her the last two times she was here because she was on her way either to or from Tennessee and the kids were in the car.  So I am hoping I get some time with her tomorrow.  We might see her here or we might see her in Port Huron, either way works for me.  She likes to shop around here.  I don't really like shopping at all unless I am on vacation or in the book store or the Disney store or at Disney World, then, I like shopping.  I am hoping to go to Disney World in 2011 with Kathy and her family.  All depends on the funds and when they are going and all those type details, but I do hope I go, it will be a blast.  We (Kathy and I) are planning to have the girls get made up like princesses at the princess boutique.  Aggie, Jacqueline, and I did the hair and make up last time we were in Disney.  It was a blast.  Mom didn't want to get her hair done, I found out later she thought we couldn't afford it.  I felt horrible because if I had known that was the reason, I would have gotten her hair done for sure.  The twins will look adorable in princess dresses and their hair done.  The boys will be off on the big rides with their Dad.  They will have fun.  I don't know what I will do with Mom for a week unless I can bring her with me.  I am not sure how that will work.  I will figure all that out later.

It was sunny today, although a bit chilly with the wind.  I really didn't appreciate the wind, but I did appreciate the sun.  I hope it is sunny and warmer tomorrow, I am sick of rain already as it rained so much this week.  Rain makes me ache a bit more and often gives me a bad headache.  Not a happy camper with that, that is for sure.  Anyways, I hope your day was good like mine!

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