Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nap is over.  I slept for about an hour.  When I got up, I didn't know where Mom was.  I was a bit nervous until I heard the little voice say, I'm up here in my room.  Then I was relieved, she didn't go outside looking for me.  She came down to help with the laundry.  Right now, she is so not making any sense.  It happens a lot with Alzheimer's.  They get so confused and then they don't make sense.  I was asking her to drink her water so she will be healthier, she answered rather strangely.  I am getting used to this but it is unnerving.  

Today was rather boring except for the two lessons.  Both were good lessons and then we went to Red Lobster for dinner.  I had the soup and the salad.  Oh, is it good!  Mom just had a bowl (not a cup) of clam chowder.  She ate the whole thing.  I will be giving her another ensure shortly since she won't drink her water.  Stubborn little thing, I can't seem to get it in her head that it is for her health and she would be healthier if she drank water.  But no, not my Mother, she has to think it is awful and torturous.  Well, I could give her worse, too bad she doesn't know that.  I tried to have her get me an ensure for her today, but she couldn't find it and it was right in front of her.  She no longer recognizes certain things, like the difference between a basket and a box.  She kept handing me the box, I was not happy because the basket was right in front of her.  I need to learn to calm down when she does these things.  I know now not to ask her to get anything because she just can't.  I didn't know that this morning.

Pain is a bit high because of the rainy weather we have.  It is gray outside, and ugly looking.  No sun whatsoever.  I am so unhappy over this revelation.  It is suppose to pour again tomorrow.  I think we may be heading to a movie or something like that.  Staying home is getting to me and we haven't seen a movie in forever it seems.  Since before Christmas that I know of.  If I am wrong, I apologize for being wrong, but it has been a while I know.

There isn't anything good on TV tonight that I know of.  Of course, I don't get the TV guide anymore because they only put in the evenings TV and we watch during the day too.  It is really annoying how they do that.  It is more of a celebrity magazine than the TV guide, and we buy it for the TV guide not the celebrity stories!  I cancelled the subscription when they changed the format.  They, of course, called, and wanted to know if we wanted it again, and I said no.  They guy goes, don't you get other magazines you don't read?  Well, I don't, if I don't read it, I don't buy it.  I don't know anyone who gets a magazine they don't read.  Do you?

She finished 16 oz of water now.  Finally, it takes all day and most of the time she doesn't make it.  I try to impress upon her how important it is, she just doesn't get it, which is fine, she doesn't have to get it, she just has to do it.  That is the important thing.  Finishing her water.

I hope your day was better than mine or at least more interesting!  I hope tomorrow is a better day.

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