Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It is extremely quiet around here today. Mom has been gone since yesterday, and I have to say, it is really boring without her.  I mean really boring, more than normal.  I have been busy checking into things that we need though, so that has eaten up a lot of time.  I had a lot of calls to make, so that really took some time.  People have been very helpful through this entire process, it is unbelievable.

I am sad without her though, I worry about her, how is she doing, is she fine, is she talking or just sitting.  If you don't speak to her she won't speak to you.  She doesn't always know to ask something so you have to do the asking.  She was up 3 times last night Tillie said.  She sleeps on one side only and I think she wakes up because her hip hurts her.  I am going to be giving her something for the pain before sleep when she comes home.  I get her back tomorrow morning!  Yeah!  I get Mom back!  I want my Mom!

I got some sleep last night, but when I went to take a nap, my other cousin, Hayley, arrived to pick up her box.  She is just passing through on her way home from vacation.  She said the had a great time, so that is very good.  She got some more craft stuff in the mail.  She is very very very very talented, I don't think she realizes how talented she is.

Well, with all the cleaning out it was bound to happen, one of my formal skirts went to the donation box along with a couple of Mom's good blouses.  I am very sad about this, and yes, upset because had I seen what was going, I would have stopped these things from being in the donation bag.  Now I have to get another formal skirt for the wedding and Mom a formal outfit for the wedding since her formal suit is now gone.  She looked very cute in the outfit too.  They found some money in Mom's room and that is what we are going to use since we can't afford to use our monthly money, these things cost a lot of money, but we need to have the outfits for Elyse's wedding this June.  I am not putting her in a t-shirt, dress pants, and a jacket.  The pants and the jacket would be alright if it wasn't a formal wedding but definitely not a t-shirt.  That is just tacky.  Besides, it is a formal wedding.  I can't wait for it.  It should be a lot of fun.  Mom is looking forward to it too, at least when I remind her about it.  She smiles a lot about Elyse getting married.

Pain is slightly higher today because of the rain.  My left arm, shoulder, and wrist are sore.  It is rather annoying if you ask me.  I have a bigger headache because of the weather too.  Ugh, that is all I can say about that.

It down poured this morning but now it has stopped raining and will hopefully not start up again until after my lessons.

I hope it is sunny where you are and nice and warm too!

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