Monday, April 26, 2010

Mom is better today.  She is very tired though.  I found her sleeping on the floor in her room at about 10 am.  I flipped out, but not at her.  I realized she probably couldn't get onto her bed, she has one of the thick mattress that make the bed super high.  She struggles at night every night to get in, she practically has to jump to get in.  Bob and I removed her bed frame and now she will be able to sit on her bed without practically jumping onto it.  Her headboard is still there, but it isn't attached to anything, it is just sitting there.  I was very worried as she was so tired today, she slept most of the day.  I hope she will sleep tonight.  Tomorrow I will be setting my alarm at 7:45 so i can call the doctor's office at 8:00 am to get a same day appointment.  The hospital said to have Mom see Dr. Gradolph right away, so as there was no appointments today, I will get up early for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will also be in Waterford by 11 am with all the instruments I am selling.  I am meeting with Dan (he owns a music store) to price the instruments and to fix my clarinet.  It needs servicing.  I hope I don't forget it.  That would be bad.  I am excited about the instruments I am selling, I feel like a load is off my shoulders.  If only I could get rid of the 25 painted violins and violas.  I plan to do a give away here in May, and the rest will go to the auction place near my house.  Unless Dan wants some of them, they are all going.  I am not saving any for next years competition because I don't want to keep them around that long.  I am giving 2 to one of my friends for her little ones.  They are very into music instruments and anything make music.  That's how they are, very into music.

I have made some decisions about Mom.  I will enact them this week.  By Friday, all the decisions will be enacted and in place.  I feel good about the decisions I have made.  It is the best for me and for Mom.  Definitely best for us.  It's not that we won't be flexible to the situations that may arise, but they are definitely best for what we are going through and what is coming up for us.

Pain isn't too bad considering all that we have been through this weekend.  I dressed myself all by myself for the first time in months.  It was very difficult and rather painful, but since Mom can no longer help me, I have to do it myself.  The socks are the hardest, or at least the left sock.  The right one is no problem really, but the left is a doozy.  Oh well, at least I know I can do it by myself.

It has been a pretty good day compared to yesterday.  I hope your day has been good.

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