Friday, April 2, 2010

Today was a slow day.  Took a nap, got the ice cream, spoons, and plates for the cake and ice cream party.  We pick up the cake tomorrow morning before lessons.  

The living room is empty except for the 2 pianos and furniture.  It looks great.  They did a real nice job.  The only rooms left are finishing Mom's room and the family room.  We took the stereo out, I am going to donate it.  They moved the DVDs to the dining room and put a book shelf in the living room that now has the toys and the pirate ship and soldiers.   The pirate ship is a collectible and only for looking!  No one gets to play with them because they are pewter pieces and pewter breaks easily.

We went out to eat and I think I ate too much.  Oh my!  It was really good though.  We go to this little restaurant up the street from our house.  Tillie treated us.

I will end this now as I don't have much to say.  Looking forward from tomorrow though!  Mom's second party.

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