Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3 days until Christmas!

3 days until Christmas.  I am working on the gingerbread house tonight.  I won't decorate it until tomorrow when Lily will be here.  I will be up early for her tomorrow.  I am excited about her decorating the house.  She is very creative.  It will be interesting to see how she decorates the house.  I have to wrap her present too, it isn't done yet.  It will be before she gets here.  I am looking forward to spending some time for her.  I also will be wrapping Kathy's kids presents tomorrow too.

I spent the afternoon with Kimberly today.  We sat and chatted at Olga's for about 4 hours.  It was so fun.  I did enjoy myself.  I haven't seen her in a few years since she moved to Florida.  Her parents moved back to Michigan this past fall so she is up to spend Christmas with them.  We chatted about everything it seems.  I could have stayed longer but I had to get home for Alyssa's lesson.  She is doing really well with her lessons.  Her dad brought her today.  I think I met him years ago, but it has been so long.

It is hard to believe that Christmas is almost here.  I will see Kathy and family in 2 days!  I am thrilled about that.  I will see her both days.  I emailed Andrew and let him know I wasn't going to my Uncle's for the day.  I would just like to spend it here right now.  I hope to see Uncle John soon.  Kathy can't spend much time in town this year, so I would miss her if I don't spend both days with her.  I will also get to see Annie next week!  I can't wait.  I hope she would like to go to Kruse and Muir since I have 2 gift certificates for that restaurant.  I think that she likes that restaurant.  I think we have been there together before, but I can't remember for sure.  I will find out when she gets in town.  I haven't seen her since spring.  She wasn't able to come to town when Mom passed away, I didn't expect her too.  She sent her Mom to the viewing in her place.  It was awfully nice of her to do.  Momma really like Anne a lot.  We used to see her quite a bit when she would come into town.  I am looking forward to seeing her.

Other than students, I don't have to much planned for the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.  I will have students on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  I will be spending New Year's Eve at Heather B-T's and her family.

Fun day today and planning a fun day tomorrow!  I shall be busy for the next few days and I am looking forward to it.  I need to be busy!

I may have another new student when the new year begins!  I am praying for more.  So far so good, I hope it keeps up!  I love teaching so much.  It really brightens and makes my day when I have to teach.

I hope your day was as good as mine!


  1. Sounds like you've had a fantastic day! I would so love to decorate a gingerbread house, too. Please take photos...I'd love to see how your's turns out!
    Take care!

  2. lol can't wait 4 2morrow Ether! haha my spelling is purposely suckish because it is midnight almost one. i need to go to bed and read because i am going over 2 Heathers house‼‼☺ ;-) so ya!!!!!!!!!$! lol or 101 or !0! so yeah hahahahahahahaha! 101 L8TR‼

  3. Have a lovely Christmas Heather :0)

    Big hugs from snowy Scotland!