Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Saturday

It is book club day, so that makes me smile.  I also called Julie last night to see if I could borrow Lily to make cookies for the concert tomorrow so Lily is coming after book club.  How cool is that?  I am pretty excited about it.  I have the program for the concert finished.  I just need to print 10 more copies and it will be finished.  This will be the first concert ever that Mom hasn't been to.  She has been to all of mine since I started teaching, so tomorrow will be a bittersweet day.  It has been hard getting ready for the concert because she isn't here.  Until last year, she helped me with everything, getting the program together, bringing cookies or whatever we were bringing to the reception, assisting me with checking in students, just whatever I needed she was there.  I often wonder what she is doing in Heaven, how is she doing, is she missing me, or watching me?  I don't know since I have never been to Heaven.

We haven't had book club since September.  We had to cancel October and I haven't felt up to having one until now.  It will be nice to see Maggie and chat.  We chat about the book and so many other things.  I don't mind that Aggie won't be here this time.  Katie is so overwhelmed with school that she had to drop out.  I don't mind it being a small one though.  My friend, Stacey might join in the new year.  I have presents to wrap today too.  I have to wrap the students presents, Donna's, Sammy's, and Lily's.  I hope we have wrapping left because I didn't pick any up.  I shall find out today that is for sure.  We are expecting snow and rain tomorrow.  I, of course, am hoping for more of the rain than the snow, unless it is just flurries, because it will be warmer.  I have been so cold this season already and my joints are achy.  I know many of my friends are feeling the same way.  It was a bit sunny yesterday and today so that was nice.  I do like waking up to a light blanket of snow this time of year, I am not talking 6 ft worth or anything, just a nice very light covering.  The type that melt in the sun and by nighttime is gone.

Pain wise, it has been a bit more because of the cold.  I expect it every year.  My hands are a bit achy today, which is nothing unusual for this weather.  My new hoodies are warmer than the other 2 I bought.

I have good news!  I almost forgot!  I have lowered my car insurance, same coverage, but with a new company.  I have it with the same company that did the house insurance and I save $80 a month now.  Talk about very cool.  As my income is very small these days, every little bit helps.  It took both Mom and I pooling our money to pay all the bills so any time I can lower something is good.  Teaching helps, but it doesn't replace Mom's social security, nothing does.  I have put that into God's hands though and he will show me the way.  I am okay for a few months and I do have back up plans.  I just miss Mom in so many ways at times.  This is just another one.

2 weeks until Christmas.  I am as ready as I will ever be.  I have plans for the holiday which will be difficult with being the first one without her.  I know that the last few years she wasn't herself with the Alzheimer's but she was still mom underneath all that horrible disease.  She really was.  Mom really loved opening up her presents last year too.  So she could still enjoy things, she was just not quite the Mom I knew years before.  I miss both the Mom she was and the Mom she became.  She still knew she was my mother, even at the end, she knew.

Kimberly is coming to town and so is Annie!  I can't wait to see both those girls.  It seems like forever.

Well, we sort of had book club today, Maggie and I went out to lunch instead.  Boy was it yummy!!!!  We went to my favorite, the Olive Garden.  We both got something new along with the really good soup.  It had shrimp and lobster on it with stuffed type of pasta.  Very yummy to the tummy.

Lily should be here shortly.  Can't wait for that.  She is coming to make the cookies.  I just have to go and finish clearing the kitchen.

I am pretty tired today.  I have a hard time sleeping between 2 and 5 am pretty much every night right now.  I am so afraid at that hour of the night.  I know it isn't too rational, but I am afraid when I am alone.  I am hoping this lifts rather soon as my sleep is crazy enough, I don't need to add this to it.

Anyways, I hope your day is good.  Mine has been so far.


  1. Have fun decorating cookies! And best wishes for tomorrow, I know your mom will be there with you in spirit. take care..;j

  2. You have no idea how your notes really make my day.
    Thank you for your kindness.
    Can you have a small pet? IT might give you some security to know that there is another life in the house. They are really good therapy. There are so many animals that need a home right now. Some shelters are not even charging because there are so many in need. I don't know what I would do without my little girls. They really help when I
    have anxiety. Just a thought. warm hugs.

  3. decorating cookies was fun!
    would it be cool if you (Heather) could actually have a pet?
    but of course you can't because of expenses the messes the care if you are out of town
    just TOO much WORK! Have fun today!