Friday, December 17, 2010


I had lunch with my friend, Becky today.  I found out yesterday that she is a big fan of John Wayne.  Well, I had one of mom's plates that I was going to donate and it was of John Wayne.  Mom simply loved him.  She was a big fan.  So, once I found out that Becky was a fan, I immediately messaged her and asked if she was interested in it.  She said yes.  She has one plate so we were both a bit nervous that it would be a duplicate, but it wasn't!  She doesn't have this one.  We met at Big Boy's near my house and her lovely niece, Paige, was with her.  Paige was going shopping with Becky today.  We had a good time the three of us.  Becky is going to bring me some games for my Nintendo DS Lite.  I love it, but lately I haven't used it because I spend way too much time on face book.  I am working on that.  I waste a lot of time with Face book.  I don't play the games, but I can still spend a lot of time in it.

My headache is a bit better today.  It is not as bad as yesterday, so I think it peaked yesterday.  I am hoping so, otherwise, on Monday I will need to make a doctor appointment.  I don't really want to go to the doctor because of this.  I would rather it take care of itself, although at times it needs a boost.  We just switched my pain pills so that could have something to do it.  They don't seem as strong as darvocet was.  I shall see how the weekend goes.  I have to days to rest and relax.  Kathy, unfortunately, can't come after all.  I am disappointed on that, but I totally understand why she can't come.  So on Sunday, I am heading to Tillie's for lunch.  My uncle, his girlfriend, and their son will be there too along with other cousins unless my head is really bad and then I will stay home.

I talked to Richard today.  The leave the day after Christmas for Maui.  They should have a good time.  I gave him some tips on places to see and go because I was there about 6 to 7 years ago.  I went for a writing conference.  I went a few days early so that I could see a bit of Maui.  I mentioned the snorkeling in the volcano, that was so cool.  I really enjoyed that.  I also told him about the bike ride down the mountain.  I didn't get to do that because I just didn't have time.  He asked about beaches, I told him they don't really have white sand beaches like they are used to because of the volcano lava.  Their beaches are actually black sand.  There was one white sand beach in the town near where they are staying.  I do hope they have a good time even though I really wanted to see them.  He said he would send for me in the summer when the weather is better.  Right now it just rains all the time in Seattle.  I have gone before in the summer and it is beautiful weather.  We shall see if I get to go.  All depends on money, like everything else.

I have to get some gift certificates for his family and then I can officially say I am done with getting presents.  I thought I was done, but since I am not shipping the instruments, I need to get them something else.  I know what I am getting them and will mail the package out on Monday so it will arrive in time for Christmas.

I have the rest of the paperwork needed for the bankruptcy.  I got the info that I thought would be so hard to get.  It wasn't.  It was a piece of cake.  Now I just have to copy the rest of the papers, get up early on Monday and turn then it.  Then I will be done, nothing left to do for that except wait for the attorney to let me know the next step.  I can't wait.  This has been hanging over my head since I lost the store.  So much has changed since August of 2008.  At that point, I was running my music store, taking care of mom, teaching lots of lessons, and now, outside of the lessons, I don't have any of it.  I miss how busy the store was before that summer.  I miss the regular customers, I don't miss the headaches and problems we had,  but I miss being busy all day.  Momma loved the store too.  It did turn out better for us that we didn't have the store as Momma got worse with her disease, but I know we both missed it.  I was able to take very good care of her and I don't know if I could have done that with the store.  I don't teach as many lessons, but I do still teach some.  I have a new one starting in January, that I am excited about.  I do hope that by spring, I will have many more.  I need about 9 more for the new company or 7 more for regular students.  Either way, I need more students for several reasons.  1 for having something fun and meaningful to do and 2 for supplementing my disability.  I am hopeful that God will provide and I try not to worry about it.

Marineland.  It was a great trip.  Momma and I had a great time with their family.  I just wish I had a picture of Momma and the girls.  I finally have a picture of Lily and me.  Her teacher took it when I went to her school for special friends/grandparents day.  We had a great time together.  It will be a great memory for me.

Anyways, this is getting quite long.  I do hope you had a good day.  I had a fun time with Becky and a productive afternoon getting paperwork.  I feel good about what I did today.  I will monitor my headache to see if I need to see the doctor.  I hope you have a wonderful evening!


  1. well we can get together sometime during the next week..... k well have fun finding a present for William and Abby.

  2. Glad your headache is some better. Praying that you won't have to go to the Dr. Lunch with friends is always such a fun treat! Sounds like a good day:)