Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a few pictures of the family

here is Mom, Andrew and I when were about 4 and 5 camping in Algonquin Park in Ontario.  A very wonderful trip.  I remember it being so much fun.  We went on hikes, swam, and played at the playground.  I think it was the first camping trip we went to without Dad.  Richard is taking the photo.

The above picture is Richard, Me, and Mom at Christmas 1992.

Mom and I in Mexico in 2003.  We had so much fun on that cruise.  I went to a writer's course and since I had to paid for the room anyways, I asked mom if she wanted to go with me.  Might as well, the way I looked at it.  So we went together and had a blast.  We really had fun on all the vacations we went together on.

My  cousins, Justice and Samantha with Mom and I camping.  I used to love camping, I actually  want a camper and travel across the US and Canada full time and write, but for now it is a dream that might happen someday.  One never knows though!

The top one of this set in Mom with Abby in 2001, Abby was about 2 years old.  It is one of my favorites of her.  The middle one is my favorite picture of Mom.  It was taken in Disney World on Tom Sawyers Island.  It was a great trip.  The bottom one is of me and Mom somewhere in 1973.  I am not sure where we are, but I remember the little boat behind us.  I loved riding it in the water.  Mom always picked the best stuff for us.  For Christmas, she pretty much picked stuff we all loved.  Rarely, did we get something we didn't like.  I can't remember a time I got stuff that I didn't like.  I remember one time, I was just getting up on a Saturday and heard her in the garage.  So I opened the door to ask if she wanted pancakes.  She yelled at me to shut that door before I got sick.  I remember thinking, what a crab, see if I ever offer pancakes again.  Well, come Christmas morning I opened my presents and there was the bookshelves that I really wanted.  It was the only things I wanted.  Mom was laughing, she was like, why are you pretending to be surprised.  You already knew you were getting them.  I gave her a look.  Apparently the day I opened the garage door, a book shelve was sitting on the top of the car and the other one was leaning near the attic door where she was going to hide it.  I told her the truth.  I didn't see them, I really didn't.  It totally explained why she was really yelling at me that morning.

Here are some more of Mom in the later years.

top one in this set is Mom and I at Kathy's wedding.  I was so excited for her.  I think I was more excited that she was as she was more relieved that it was over and on to the honeymoon.  The second one is Mom, me, and Andrew at my confirmation in 6th grade.  The next one is my friends, Donna, Julie, with Mom and I on my birthday in 1993 or 1992, I am not sure which one.  The bottom in at Niagara Falls Flower Clock.  Mom and I went to Niagara Falls with the Emerton family and had a great time.  Lily was about 6 at the time so that means it was about 2004.  It was a great trip.  

I do hope to have more pictures scanned this weekend.  I am probably going to work with them on Saturday and Friday.  We shall see what the day brings.  I don't know if I have any lessons this weekend or not, but I do know Kathy is coming to see me.

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