Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

I can't believe it is New Year's Eve already!  I am heading out to my friend, Heather B-T's for the evening. I haven't been out anywhere for this night in so long that I can't remember the last time I wasn't home.  Oh wait, yes I do, it was 2006 and Richard's family and Mom and I were at Disney's Vero Beach.  We went for a week after Christmas.  The hotel had a New Year's Eve party that we went too.  Mom and I didn't last until Midnight, but we had a very good night anyhow.  We lasted until about 10:30 ish and then we went back to our room and went to bed.  It was a wonderful vacation.  I had joined the Disney Vacation Club that year and we loved being a part of it.  It was so awesome, but unfortunately, we couldn't stay members as we just didn't have the money anymore.  I hope to join again someday.  I really liked it.  We went to Disney something like 4 times in 3 years plus the Vero Beach Resort.

Looking back at that holiday, Mom and I had a blast, but then again, we usually did when we were together.  That was the year she bought me my scooter.  At first Richard was like, take it back, I'll push her like always, but then Momma explained that it wasn't just for that vacation, that it was for home too.  Once he saw that it was easier on everyone, especially him, he liked it a lot.  It really is nice to have because often on vacations I am left behind because of my lack of mobility and with the scooter, I could go too.  We went on many walks as a family on that trip.  I have used it on other trips too and it is the best thing I could have gotten.  We took it to Seattle with us too when we went to visit Richard and family.  I scooted around Seattle so easily with them.  I could keep up and that was important to me.  If I had to walk I would have missed out on so many things.  Mom liked the scooter too.  She would put her hand on the handle and walk beside me all the time.  I use a scooter to go shopping too.  It is part of the reason I go to Walmart's because they have scooters there for customers' to use.  Mom would hold my hand for that and walk beside me.  We would go very slow because Momma couldn't walk very fast that last spring and summer but she liked to go.  It made her feel important to go and get stuff with me.

I hope that this evening is a lot of fun for you.  I am looking forward to going and playing games with friends.  Happy New Year!


  1. Hi, Heather!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! You will be ringing in the New Year with some chocolate!! Email me your shipping address within 72 hours so I can email the company that has sponsored my giveaway. YOU'RE A WINNER!! :0)

  2. Hope you have a blessed New Year! I NEVER make it to 12:00~lol:)

  3. I enjoyed your post Heather. A lovely memory of you and Mom together. It shows your special relationship and how your she understood you. I'm sure you will enjoy your evening. Happy New Year!