Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hanging out with a friend!

What started off as a bad morning, ended as a good day.  I woke up to a dream that was so real I could almost feel Mom.  I dreamed that I was chasing Momma to give her a hug, and when I caught her I gave her one.  Then I woke up.  Strangely, I could actually feel her small body in a hug when I woke.  I sleep holding a pillow in front of me for my arm because otherwise it pulls on my back and for a moment that pillow was Momma.  Of course, after I woke up I cried, then my friend, Donna called and wanted to know if I wanted to get together with her.  Well, yeah!  Especially as I had nothing planned for the day.  So we met at Tim Horton's for lunch and stayed there for about 2 hours.  We just sat and chatted away, made my sadness disappear.  Today, Momma has been gone 2 months.  I feel much stronger than I did 2 months ago and in my dream Momma was healthy.  Donna said it was Momma's way of letting me know she is with me and that she is fine.  She is healthy and happy and wants me too.  You see, Momma and I would play a game with hugs, we would be like no, you can't hug me and run from the other until the person caught the other.  We did this when I was small and when she started to get sick.  It made her smile and laugh.  She looked so pretty when she smiled and laughed.

After we left Tim Horton's we went to Walmart to pick up a few things.  I needed to get some gift cards for Richard and family and she needed eggs for baking.  I also picked up a new calendar for 2011 as I didn't have one yet.  I got this Algae stuff for the fish tank, it is supposed to keep the water clear.  We shall see if it works.  I hope so!  Cat and Dog (the two fish) need a nice and clear tank.  I love my little fish.  I think Lily does too.  She likes to feed them.  Donna and I tooled around Walmart looking at everything.  She rides in a wheel chair and I ride in a scooter, so I am sure we looked like a train going through the store.  I also got Kathy a treat, which I can't say what it is as she reads this and that would blow the secret.  But trust me, it is something she will love.  I have to wrap presents this week.  I finally have some paper.  I gave Donna her present and she loved it.  I got her and her Granddaughter, Sam, Santa Mugs.  They are huge and wonderfully cute looking.  She loved it.  She gave me a new Winnie the Pooh Bear!  We all know how much I love that one!  But the biggest surprise of the day?  A nice lady at Tim Horton's, I think she is the aunt of the owner, gave me two, yes two, snowmen, handmade!  They are about 18 inches tall and they are so adorable.  I was stunned to say the least.  She and her craft club made them.  She said it was to cheer me up a bit.  Well, I am cheered!  She too, is having a rough year because her husband passed three years ago and for some reason she says this year is rougher than the last two.  I only see her when I am at the restaurant, but what a wonderful thing to do for me!  I am going to be taking pictures of them tonight.  They are going on the second piano, one at each end of the top.  I am moving the CDs and music that is on the piano to the other piano bench and they will look so cute with the CD player in the middle.  I am so floored that she made them for me.

All in all, I would have to say it has been a good day.  Started off a bit shaky, but ended well.  I am pretty tired now that I am home and finished dinner.  Speaking of sleeping, the new pain medicine is helping me sleep a bit better, I think.  I don't wake up as often as I did on the darvocet so I guess that is a great thing!  Better sleep for me.  I have even been awake enough to get up by 9:30 some mornings.  Now that is unusual for me as I don't generally get up until about 11 or noon.  So the new medicine is better.

My headache is getting better too.  It is almost back to the normal headache.  As long as it goes back to the normal headache I am fine.  I know there isn't anything they can do about the chronic daily headache.  I stopped going to doctors for it when the last 2 specialists said they could only help the bad ones, well they didn't help those and nothing seems to help the chronic one, but I am used to it now.  It has been 6 years.

I am going to make some chocolate tonight for William and Abigail to put in their Christmas box on Monday.  I have to wrap a few presents tonight or tomorrow too.  I also need to copy those papers.  I am going to Windsor for lunch tomorrow, but plan to be home before dark.  I plan to leave at 3 pm so that gives me plenty of time to be home before the dark.  With the cold weather, I don't want to drive with icy roads and that is what would happen when you drive in the dark around here.  When it is this cold I try to keep my nighttime driving to a minimum.  Safer for all that way.


  1. the snowmen sound really cool can't wait to see them.I am glad the pain medicine is getting you sleep. and your headache... its getting better! :-) btw you should give me that chocolate recipe! sounds cool!

  2. I'm glad your new pain pill is working! What are you taking? I take Percocet/Morphine and so far, so good. I don't take it so much for the fibro, but for the sciatica and leg pain.

    You know, I have had dreams that my mom is in the room with me, too. I had one in particular that I can't forget...I was running from room to room looking for her and I could never find her. I woke up crying. I don't like those dreams.

    Happy Holidays, Heather!!