Monday, December 20, 2010

busy Monday!

I had 5 lessons today.  I am so glad that I did, it makes the day fun and pass fast.  I started off the day by going to the post office.  After standing in line for a few minutes, I thought, wait!  they have automatic posting, so I hurried over to the empty automatic post atm.  I got my postage for Richard's family quick and painless.  Last week when I waited in line, my hips were so sore that I had to come home and lay down for a bit.  I just don't stand long well and it was a long line.  My fault entirely since I waited until the last minute do this.

Aggie had a makeup lesson today since she was in town yet for her lesson on Saturday.  She will have her lessons on Monday again next week too, because of Christmas being on Saturday, the day of her regularly scheduled lesson.  Bob, Calli, and Acer all had their regularly scheduled lessons.  Calli has decided to continue with voice lessons as she says she likes them.  She wasn't sure at first which is understandable, so her Mom suggested she try until Christmas and then decide if she wanted to continue.  She has made her decision.  She works really hard, both at piano and voice.  She is such a hard worker that is so fun to teach.  Her brother is fun too.  Actually, I would have to say all my students are fun to teach.  I enjoy all the lessons.  Yeah!  Just talked to Rachel and Rebecca's Mom, they will have lessons next week.  Thank goodness for that.  Pretty much all my students are having lessons during vacations.  I am so glad.  I look forward to them so much.  Teaching definitely gets me up in the morning.

I can't believe it is 5 days until Christmas.  It is a day I dread, yet a day I am excited about it.  I will be spending it with Kathy and her family.  It is official now.  We will go to church on Friday and then back to her parents house to open presents.  I will open my presents there too.  Then I will come home to sleep and then wake up on Christmas and go back over to her parents house for dinner.  I am so looking forward to this.  I haven't seen Kathy since Thanksgiving.  She wasn't able to come for a visit this month so she is coming next month either the 2nd or the 4th weekend of the month.  I am excited about that too.  I have plans for us!

It has been a good day with all the lessons, I had one sad moment right before Aggie arrived, but she was like, it is okay, let it out.  I cried for a few minutes more and then I was fine for the rest of the day.

I copied the rest of the papers and will be turning them in at 1 pm to the lawyer's office tomorrow.  I am excited about that.  It should be everything now.  No more paperwork, that I know of.  I hope everything is taken care by the end of the year with this.

I have some laundry to put away this week.  My goal to have the laundry up to date is not quite going well.  I have kept up on dirty laundry, however the putting away of such laundry, well, not so much.  I am going to take Mom's clothes that are also hanging up downstairs and put them away in a bag for donations.  I have some hoodies that she never wore that are going to Phoebe, and the rest will be donated.  I plan to go through the house in the new year and see what rooms need what done to them.  After I do that, I will plan my attack on the rooms.  I am starting with Mom's room because mostly her room just needs emptying of the clothes that are in boxes and in the closet.  I need to wash the blankets and sheets too, and then put away what I want from her stuff in my room and donate the rest of her stuff to Salvation Army.  Her room will become another guest room unless someone moves in, then it becomes their room.  It is the master bedroom and has a bathroom attached to it.  I like the room I am in, so I don't want to move into hers.  I could, but I don't want to, like I said, I like my room.  I am hoping that I will have the house in order by spring/summer time.  I want the house ready should Richard and family decide to come for a visit.  I have enough room for all of them if they come.  I, of course, am hoping to see Richard sometime this summer.  I haven't seen the kids since July of 2008 when Mom and I flew out to see them for 5 days.  It was a great time.  Abigail did not want us to go home.  She cried all night and all the next day.  I felt so bad for her.  I simply adore them.  Abigail and William are wonderful children, but it seems every time I see them, I have to reintroduce myself to them.  I hope they remember me a bit better from the last visit this time.

I hope your day has gone well and that you are doing well and not getting sick before Christmas.  Several of my friends are ill with colds, and such right now, I hope everyone is pretty healthy, or as healthy as they can be for Christmas.


  1. Sounds like you have a plan to organize the house...hope it all works out for you.
    It seems that everyone around here is sick too...I just hope they stay away from me!
    Take care and have a wonderful Christmas if I don't get back here before then. I'm so glad that our bloggy paths have crossed...I love hearing from you. Take care Heather.

  2. Heather, you have been so busy, that is such a good thing. take it a day at a time, I am the same way we still have so many boxes to go through but have not had the funds to get the shelves built in the garage, so no use going through any of them until that happens, hopefully in January. I plan to use my patio this next spring and summer for fun and entertaining. And tired of the obstacle course.

    How old are William and Abigail? What if they were to fly out on their own to visit you...Kids do it all the time, especially on a school break...just a thought!

    Stilll waking up here, haircut tomorrow and get our older son and his girl their gifts as we are leaving Thursday morning early to drive to younger son and wife's in Sacramento for Christmas. so I have a lot to do and running out of time..