Thursday, December 23, 2010

the day with Lily

Lily was here today.  She arrived at 10 am.  Yes, 10 am.  I was up.  I got up at 9:15 am to make sure I would be awake when she arrived.  The first thing she did was start decorating the gingerbread house.  It was fun watching her decorate it.  She took it home for her family and friends to enjoy.  Next she decorated  the cookies I baked for her.  I gave her a really big Santa mug for Christmas.  She loved it.  A few weeks ago she mentioned she wanted a big mug for Christmas so I went and got it for her.  After we finished with the gingerbread house and the cookies I was hungry.  It was just after 12 noon so we headed to Tim Horton's for lunch.  We went through the drive through.  Lily loves their mac and cheese so I got her that and a donut.  Unfortunately, they forgot the donut.  So after we ate our lunch we headed back Tim Horton's to get the donut.  They gave her two.  Lily was excited about that.  She ate 1/2 at my house and then took the rest home.

When we were done with that we decided to play some games.  So all afternoon we played games.  Julie, her mother, stopped by to pick her up but we were about to play the Pirates of the Carribbean Game of Life so Julie said she could stay later and I said I would take her home.  We played Uno, a new game I just got, it is actually the Winnie the Pooh version!  We also played Dr. Suess' Fun in a Box game.  It is a wonderful memory type game.  I no longer have a good memory so Lily won that won.  Then we played Monopoly, nobody won because we didn't get a chance to finish the game, it was getting late.  I took her home and then came home for dinner.  I had made turkey drumsticks for dinner, so that with mashed potatoes, and veggies completed my dinner.  I am trying not to eat frozen dinners or have take out too often.  I am trying to eat healthier and lose weight.  My weight has gotten out of control.  I am no longer keeping track of what I eat or using my food mover that works really well.  I am starting to use it again and eating better.  I want to lose some weight by spring.  I don't have a number in mind, but I need to be able to get into my jeans again.  I have the cutest jeans ever.  Right now they are too tight.  The jeans have matching hoodies too so they are very cute outfits.

I can't believe it is 2 days before Christmas.  Sometimes it seems like years away and other times right around the corner.  We are opening presents tomorrow night after church at Kathy's parents house.

Tomorrow I have to go and get some milk.  I am now almost out.  There won't be enough for Christmas morning breakfast/lunch.  I think that is all I need at the store.  I also have not had time to wrap gifts yet so I have to do that tomorrow before church.  I am not sure what service we are going to yet.  I would imagine one of the earlier ones.

I may have another new student starting January 3.  I am hopeful they will sign up and begin on the 3rd. That would mean 2 new students with the new company.  I can only wait and see.

Here are some pictures of Lily and the gingerbread house.


  1. great job Lily! I love to decorated gingerbread houses but I didn't even get around to it this year...where has the time gone?
    Merry Christmas Heather!!

  2. How fun! I am definately going to do a gingerbread house next year!
    Merry Christmas, Heather. Have a wonderful weekend.