Sunday, December 5, 2010

Family Day at Uncle John's

I found out when I got home that my Uncle Ken wanted to go to Uncle John's, only he thought it was still next week.  Had I known, I would have messaged my cousin and let her know it was moved to today.  Yeah, so next time we go I will be letting my Uncle Ken know so he can go visit too.  He needs a ride which is no problem as I apparently go right past his place.  Sure, I don't mind.

It was a good day.  Andrew wasn't there.  He and Angie were on their way but the roads were bad by that time and they couldn't see so they had to turn back to go home.  I will see him next time.  Hayley and Cathy were both there so I was happy about that.  I was part way there when Maia called and so I turned back to go and pick her up.  I wasn't that far from home.  I also should have at that point, gone home to get my medicine but I didn't so I didn't have my morning medicine today.  Yeah, not a good thing.  A bit too much pain today everywhere.  I ended up leaving a bit early because of the pain and I was tired.  I didn't want to drive any later as it is a 1 1/2 hour drive home.  I have a good time when I go.  I brought a cake this time.  Lily made it.  People seemed to like it.  I did.  I had a small piece because there were so many desserts to choose from.  Hayley brought candy cane cheesecake and Cathy brought cookie bars.  All was really good that is all I can say, really good.  Michelle is a good cook.  Tillie said that in January she is having a family get together at her house.  That will be fun too.

I have a busy week ahead of me.  I am meeting my friend, Jennie for lunch on Tuesday, and my friend, Wendy for tea on Wednesday.  Then I have to pop over to Windsor for a brief period on Thursday.  So I am quite glad I have plenty to do this week.  I also have to finish copying all the papers needed for the lawyer for the bankruptcy and take a trip to the Secretary of State's office, a place I dread.  I need to ship William and Abigail's Christmas gifts to them this week too.  I have to go to the UPS store for that one.  I will take care of that early this week.  I just have to remember to do it.  I think tomorrow I will have Heather B-T bring them up so that I can see them to take in.  I hope the kids like the instruments.  I will then message Richard to let him know they are on their way.

I finished all the thank you notes while cousin Cathy was here.  It was much easier to do them while she was here so I didn't cry all day.  I cried the first few I wrote and then thought I would only do a few at a time, but I ended up writing them all.  I signed for the boys as they couldn't really sign themselves as they live far away from me and sending the cards to them to sign was a bit silly so I signed them all myself.

It seems so strange to me still that Christmas is almost here.  I am not really ready for it.  Usually I am so ready for it right after Halloween, but not this year.  This year I could sleep through it and that would be fine to me.  I am still not sure what is happening those days so we shall wait and see.

I want to scan more pictures of the family in.  I now have a memory card for the newer camera.  The one from the old camera fits so I switched it today.  I know where that cord is.  It is in the top drawer in the dining room, the other one, I am not so sure where it is, plus it is an older camera with less mega pixels on it.  The newer one takes nice pictures.  I took a good one of Katie.  During vacation Katie is going to come over and put all the music away.  She is also going to reorganize all of the CDs.  That would be so awesome if she could.  I would really appreciate that.  Then maybe she and I can put the office back together so the big computer can be put on the table.  That would be good.

I am not as tired as I was earlier, but I am still pretty tired.  I foresee going to bed rather soon.  I hope your day was good too.

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  1. Whew! Heather, you made me tired just reading this! I am so glad you have been busy and able to do things..busy is are doing good...a day at a time..