Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A busy Wednesday!

I have had 5 lessons so far today with 1 more at 6 pm tonight.  Instead of just Alyssa, I had Calli, Acer, Aggie, and Bob.  They were make ups for Monday's lessons.  I woke up at about 12 noon and about flipped because somewhere around lunch time the B-T family was coming and I was just waking up!  Fortunately, I did have time to get ready and eat a bowl of cereal.  I tossed in the chicken in the crock pot for my dinner and was ready  before the first two arrived.

The chicken turned out really well although I realized I bought a fryer chicken instead of a roasting one.  I have no idea the difference, so if some one does, please let me know for next time.  I really liking this crock pot cooking.  Tomorrow I am going to make some sausage chili.  I bought some sausage that I like (turkey type as I have to watch my cholesterol and weight) and some chili ingredients.  Last time I did this it tasted really good.  I know sausage is not what is usually in chili, but I was in the mood for it and not turkey burger.  I am planning on cooking 1/3 of the package and freeze the rest for another day.  I think I bought too big of a ham too because I can't freeze it again because I just thawed it to get some out Christmas Eve.  Next time, small ham, not medium size.  This cooking for one is kind of hard at times with portions.

I have 2 lessons tomorrow, more make ups from Monday.  I don't mind.  It has kept the week interesting.  I also have recieved a new inquiry about voice lessons for a 12 year old!  I am rather excited about that.  We shall see how it pans out.  It is a friend of another student, so I am hopeful that the young person will be able to start.  That would replace Dawson who quit on Monday due to lack of practicing and not having time to practice.  Music only works if you have time to work on it.  I also am going to make my first loaf of homemade bread tomorrow.  I have a kit that I bought right before Christmas that I am going to make.  I have a great bread maker that my friend bought for me as I love homemade bread so that will be quite exciting tomorrow.  I also have to remember to go to the bank tomorrow as I have 2 bills that are due by the 1st of the month.

I am anxious to have this year over as I would have to say 2010 really was not my best.  I am not looking forward to a year without Momma, however, I have come to some peace with her death.  She is much better off, I am not, but she is.  I mean, she is with Jesus in Heaven, so yeah, she is definitely much better off.  I don't have as many bad days, more of bad moments now, although I have many of them.  Overall, I just want a fresh new year to start so that this one can be put behind me.  I anticipate many bad moments, but many good ones too.  I think and miss Momma all the time, but I am starting to look at happier memories than the last year of memories.  Looking back, 2010 was not a good year for us.  Poor little Mom was just not doing well and it was so hard on her.  I think it was much easier on me than her because I could help her whereas she just didn't know what was going on so much of the time.  I also think that she was so frightened all the time that it took a toll on her.  I am scared a lot of the time too because I don't know what is going to happen, so I can only imagine what it was like for her and she was scared all the time for the last 2 years.  All in all, I think she is much better off now.  I do pray that God takes care of her for me every night.  I know that someday we will be together and we won't be separated again.  I hope in 2011 to go and visit Richard and family for a vacation.  He mentioned possibly summer he will send for me so I am hopeful on that.  I do also anticipate visiting my uncle a lot like we did last year.  My cousins and I really enjoy ourselves when we are there.  Sometimes Andrew is there, sometimes he is not.  He said until about March he probably won't be able to make it.  We email back and forth every so often so it isn't like I am not in touch with him.  Also in 2011, Kathy will be coming for a weekend!  i am really looking forward to that!  Just Kathy and I for a whole Saturday and Sunday (minus of course, driving time).  I have plans for us already.  I got great gift cards from Richard that we are going to use.  Not all at once, but every so often when she is in town.  We are going to watch Eclipse together.  I am holding out for her on that one!  We both love twilight!  As a side note, one of the coolest gifts I got this year, was a new winter jacket from Lily and her family.  It is so warm and I love the color.  I would say I was very blessed this year with everything I got.  I am very lucky with the family and friends I have.  They have really been super supportive and helped me through the rough year.

My lovely student should be here soon.  I love teaching, it really is the best job in the world.  It was the one thing I missed most when I had to cut back because I discovered it is difficult to teach and run a store when I was teaching pretty much full time then so I cut back on teaching.  Nothing is better than teaching.  I would like to have my own studio again outside of my house, but I do like teaching at home too.  I can be busy in between lessons with house stuff if necessary.  I am going to be, in the next couple of weeks, planning what I am going to do with the house.  Where to begin, where to declutter, and things such as that.  First, I will take the ornaments off the tree on Saturday.  Monday, Heather B-T is going to test the lights (that I didn't put up this year) and then put them on so that next year they just have to be plugged in.  Then we will take the little tree and put it downstairs in the family room for storage right now.  I will put away all the garland and things like that.  I think, though, that I am keeping the snowmen up on the piano until the end of winter.  They make me smile and are simply gorgeous.  It was truly a wonderful gift from a friend.  Her niece owns the Tim Horton's I go to and she belongs to a craft club and this was one of the crafts they did.  She gave them to me to make me smile because she knew this would be a tough season for me and while it was tough in some ways, in others it was okay.  I did enjoy myself on Christmas Eve and Day at Kathy's parents house.  I have enjoyed getting ready for the holiday and I am enjoying this week too.

Pain wise, I would have to say is normal.  Just the usual amount of pain, nothing more, of course, nothing less!  It has been a decent pain week for me.  I do hope your week is good too.

The piano is so beautifully decorated, that I hesitate to remove anything from it!

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  1. I LOVE your piano. I wish I could play piano. I used to play flute a long time ago, but no longer do. I am so glad that you are doing your lessons and a lot of them, too! Hope you can get some rest in between, though. :0) Hope 2011 is better for us all.
    Great work on your blog, Heather!