Monday, December 27, 2010


I was all excited about having 8 lessons in one day!  Well, it ended up being 1 lesson with 7 rescheduled.  It makes the rest of my week fun so no problem.  Katie had her lesson.  She finished putting away some of the music.  There was a stack of music that wasn't cataloged though so I have been spending the afternoon and evening cataloging the music.  I didn't expect to be finished today, but I am.  Katie will be finishing up the music on Monday next week.  I am so thankful for her doing this for me.  Mom was my filer, but in the last year she just couldn't do it so the music has been in boxes for about a year.  I will be able to figure out exactly what is missing from my collection.  

Dawson quit lessons today.  He is just too busy with baseball to practice piano.  His mom is supposed to mail me the Christmas book that he has.  I hope she does, this is how I lose music and I don't have to money to replace any right now.  I have some music to send back to Peppers because I asked for Tenor Sax music and they sent me alto sax.  Yeah, can't use the alto sax music, I needed Tenor but now I don't.  I can't get any new music for a while.  Fortunately, I have enough for my Tenor Sax boy to use.  I got some fun stuff too.  I plan to send the music back this week as soon as I get a box for it since the box I had got used for bills.  I never said, don't use that box, and well, it is gone now.  I can get a new one though so or an envelope.

I am very tired tonight.  I have a feeling I will be going to bed earlier than I have been lately.  I had to get up a bit earlier than usual because of a blood test this morning.  I am so sick of blood tests.  I seem to get them every other week and sometimes every week.  It is just one of the annoying things I put up with to make sure I don't get another blood clot.  As annoying as the blood tests are, I would rather deal with them then have another blood clot.  That wasn't too fun the first time.  There has been a couple of scares, but thankfully, no clots so far.  Most people only stay on the medicine for about 6 months to a year, however since I had a blood disorder, I get them for life.

My office is slowly getting in order.  Thanks to Katie, a lot of the music is put away.  I am so thankful for her wanting to help.  It is hard for me to put this much away because I can't stand up that long.  I hope that this will help clear up my office for the computer that I want to put up in it.  The computer has been in the box for 2 years now.  It is a desk top computer that will not have access to the Internet, but that is okay.  I have some pictures and music on it that I want to put on discs so I won't lose them.  The computer is good for writing to and for working with photos because you can look at 2 pages at a time which can help a lot when you are working.

It is cold again today but it is suppose to be a warm up at the end of the week and then it will be cold again.  I am anxious for spring weather already, not summer, just spring.  I am definitely am a fall and spring girl.

My back is a bit sore this evening for some reason.  I think I got it a bit cold last night.  That happens sometimes.  I don't mean to throw of covers, but I sometimes do.  Other than that, I am doing alright pain wise today.  It has been a productive day for a change and I feel really good about that.  I feel like I have accomplished something for a change.  I am looking forward to tomorrow too.  This week is shaping up really well.  Lots of teaching this week, makes me happy!

I do hope you had a good day too.

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