Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a great time last night at the Knight's house.  I went with Kathy after church to her parents' house to open presents.  I brought the presents Richard sent me with me along with the gifts I had gotten the kids.  I got 2 new movies!  Ramona and Beezus and Beauty and the Beast!  Love Beauty and the Beast.  It is my favorite movie ever.  From the first moment I saw the movie I was in love with it.  I also got great gift cards that Kathy and I will have fun spending!  She is coming for the weekend in January!  I am so excited about that.  I got home just after 11 and read for a bit because as tired as I was I couldn't sleep.  Too much excitement I guess.  I finally went to sleep around 1 am.  I got up, got ready and went back to the Knight house for Christmas Dinner.  We had it early in the day so that the rest of the day would be laid back.  Kathy and family had to go to Tony's sister's house for a bit so I came home.  It has been a good Christmas.  I was afraid it would be really hard and while it is hard, I still enjoyed myself.  I cried a bit yesterday afternoon, but so far today I am only thinking of good memories of Momma and Christmas.  She made so much of the holiday.  She had us believing when we were young that Santa's elves came and decorated out house, inside and out.  I remember thinking why don't the elves come back to put everything away.  Mom liked to start the new year out with all the decorations down and the house nice and clean.  It is a Scottish tradition.  You start the new year out with a clean house, all grudges gone, and debt free.  Well, I almost have the debt free part!  I have  turned in all the bankruptcy stuff.  Clean house, well, probably not.  I don't like to take the stuff down until after the new year.  Momma and I definitely differed on that point.  Since I was in charge of Christmas the last few years we were home, I left it out until after New Year's Day.  She didn't seemed to mind.

I haven't talked to either one of my brothers yet.  I emailed Andrew because he doesn't answer his phone, he only texts.  I don't have texting.  It cost too much for me to get.  I just have a phone.  I am hoping to talk to Richard though before he goes on vacation.  I am excited he is finally going to Hawaii, even if they are only staying on Maui.  It is a beautiful island.  I gave him some tips on what to do and told him they have a person just for planning tours and everything.  I do hope they all have a good time.

It was nice to spend the last two days with Kathy and crew.  I have some pictures I need to upload onto face book.  There is even a picture of Kathy and I together.  She was like, I don't want my picture taken, but I asked her to so her Mom took the picture.  The dinner was wonderful.  I am so full.  I don't think I will need any dinner tonight.  I think that was it for me.

I also met her brother, Dan's wife, Tracy.  She is wonderful!  I really like her a lot.  She is from China and works as a software person.  I think she is so nice.  They girls seem to love her too which is really good.  She fits right into the Knight family well.  I am glad Kathy has a great sister-in-law.  She got really lucky in family because Tony's family is really nice too.  I am glad.  She deserves to have a good family.  I know I had a great Momma and that made me happy.  It was nice to think about some of the things Mom did and not cry.  I can smile sometimes when I think about her.  I bet she is having a great Christmas up in Heaven.  I mean, really, having Jesus' birthday party with the man himself?  I don't think anything would be cooler.  I feel her near me today too so that is good. 

I am not minding being alone in the house today like I was the other day.  I can hear my fish tank and enjoy the peace and quiet.  I am going to put one of my new movies in and watch it.  It has just been an enjoyable day. 

I do have a bit of a headache today, but it isn't too bad compared to the other day when it was really bad.  It is a bit worse than the usual chronic headache, but not too bad.  I took a pain pill and that should bring it down to normal.  I do hope you are having a great Christmas and enjoying it with family or friends or both!  I am glad I went to see Kathy and her family.  They make me feel like I am a part of the family and not an outsider.  It was a wonderful 2 days.


  1. Heather so glad you had a good Christmas..its a sad time but also a blessed are doing so well...

    Merry day after Christmas!


  2. hope you LOVE your new coat from us(The Emerton's)

  3. Heather I am so happy the Christmas holiday was good for you. You deserve so much happiness. This year has been difficult for you. Keep your chin up as you are so blessed! Anne