Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I was listed

I was listed as a top 50 blogs for Fibromyalgia.  Talk about being excited?  I was thrilled and humbled.  I mean, what an honor, to have my blog recommended for someone with Fibro to read.  I am so thankful for this.  A couple of friends were also recommended, my friend, Deb, and my friend, Missy.  They have awesome blogs too.

It was a good day today, busy wise, not pain wise.  Because it is so cold, I am in more pain that normal, but that is to be expected, at least I took my morning medicine before I left.  I met my friend, Jennie for lunch.  We live about 1 1/2 or so hours away from each other so we met 1/2 way at Applebees.  It was so fun.  We had 2 hours to chat and laugh.  It has been about 20 years since I saw her.  I think we were both in college when I last saw her.  Amazing.  She is now the mother of four.  Her last child was born almost 2 years ago.  Her oldest three are about 5 and 7 years older than the youngest.  They simply adore the littlest one.

After I came home I went to check my schedule for tomorrow when I realized, oh my, I scheduled 2 things at the same time.  I immediately called Hospice and rescheduled the meeting with them.  I think I realized it last night, but I forgot again this morning.  Silly fibro fog!  Thankfully I looked at my schedule and took care of it.  I have the meeting on Monday now at 11 am.  I am meeting with a grief support person.  I think it will help me get through this.  Maybe there is some tools I can learn to help when I get overwhelmed by all this.  I have been doing alright this week, of course, it is only Tuesday!

I had one student today.  Dawson rescheduled to tomorrow right before Alyssa's lesson.  His sister and Dad are not feeling to well so he is coming tomorrow.  He was ill last week so it has been 2 weeks since I have last seen him.  He told his Mom he needs a lesson because he wants to start the new books.  It is always exciting to start new books, that I would agree.  I always was excited about new books too.  I think we are going to play a Christmas one for fun.  I just have pull it out tomorrow.  I will do that before the lessons.  I also plan to send Abigail's and William's presents to them.  I wonder how much it will cost?  Hard to say with a cello and a guitar.  I can't wait until they open it at Christmas.  I want to see their faces when they open them up, but I won't be there.  Too bad.  I would really want a picture of their faces.  They are so precious.  I can't believe how old they are now, 9 and 11.  Seems like yesterday they were just born.  I remember both so vividly.  I saw Abigail just hours after she was born and William the day after he was born.  They are so wonderful to me.  I wish I saw them on a regular basis.  I miss them a lot.  Mom missed them too because we hadn't seen them in 2 1/2 years.  That is just so long for Mom not to see them, but they do live very far away and we didn't have the money to see them.

I just talked to Richard, they won't be coming to Michigan for their vacation.  Bummer, but that is okay.  I already told my students I will be teaching so it works out alright.  I am a bit disappointed, but not too much like I was.  I do have plans so that is good.

I am heading for bed shortly, I am very tired.  I hope your day has been good.


  1. Congratulations on your top blog award!
    Good luck with you meeting. I hope it is beneficial.
    PS. Did you get my email with my address?

  2. Congratulations, Heather! You deserve it!! I am glad that you are feeling better and are teaching more. Today I am very excited, as my Grandma is coming from Texas to spend Christmas with me. I haven't seen her since my mom died, so it will be very sweet to see her today! Hope you have a great day.