Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a Much Better Day

It is a better day around here, despite the 50 below weather and the icy roads.  Not quite as happy as Lily is, she has had 2 days without school, so she is a bit excited about it.  I just read her blog post and boy is she a happy camper.  Almost all of the schools are closed again today.  I think part of it is because of the snow but the other part would be the cold.  I vaguely remember in 9th grade we got a few snow days because it was just so cold with the wind chill.  Either way, it is very cold out today.  I will stir tomorrow to get my medicine (okay, I won't have a choice, as I won't have any pain pills for tomorrow).  Thursday or Friday I need to go to Windsor and pick up some stuff.  I am hoping the weather improves and it gets a bit warmer.  The wind is very cold but it isn't too windy right now.  Of course, I am all nice and snug in the house keeping warm and this is where I plan to stay!!!

I am planning on getting the stuff together that I have to copy so that it is all in one place and I can copy it this week.  I have to go to the Oakland County Deed of Records or something like that because I need a copy of the store's deed that went into foreclosure.  Yuck, lucky me.  I get to figure out where that is and how to do it.  I imagine it costs money on top of it all.  These things always do.  I hope to get the copy right away.  I just don't know where to go or how to do it yet.  I will be checking into that this afternoon.  I am sure I will find info on the web.

I am making a cornish hen in the crock pot today.  Smells simply delicious.  It is making me a bit hungry although I just ate lunch!  What can I say?  It smells so yummy.

NCIS tonight is a holiday themed one according the their post on face book.  The previews for last week showed it too.  I love NCIS.  It is a great show.  NCIS Los Angeles is good too, but the original is the best.  i remember when it first came out during JAG, I refused to watch it but Andrew kept saying it's good you'll like it.  He was right.  I had to buy the first season to see them all.  I have the first 5 seasons on DVD, I don't have the last one because I have seen most of them on TV and USA channel always has reruns so I can catch up that way too.  I have to be careful for what I buy as I don't have a lot of spending money anymore like I did when I had the store.  I have learned to be thriftier than I was.  I still don't have it down pat like some I know, I want to live more simpler and not have gobs of stuff, but yet, I can't seem to get rid of the stuff I have so I compromise and not buy a lot more stuff.  I buy a few things here and there when I need them, but I don't routinely shop.  I don't particularly care for shopping to begin with.

I need to get some wrapping paper by next week so that I can wrap Kathy's kids presents.  I don't have any in the house so I can't do it right now.  Later this week I will go and get some from the store and take care of that issue.  I love wrapping presents for some reason, I don't really know why.  I used to wrap mom's near the end too because she had trouble with it.  I didn't mind helping her.

It is a regular type pain day outside of a bit higher headache than usual.  I think a nap will fix that.  I do hope this finds you doing well and staying warm!  I hear it is raining a lot more in some places too.  Ugh, rain can be cold and cause pain. Have a great afternoon.


  1. yeah i have it pretty good don't I?!
    have fun with your Cornish hen. maybe the next time we get together we can clean your pantries and cupboards and move things the way they should be. and re-clean the fridge of course:)

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