Friday, April 8, 2011


It is my birthday today and surprisingly, no tears as of now.  I am completely missing the Mom at this point as it is the first birthday without her, but surprisingly it has been a good day so far and the evening promises to be even better as Calli, Acer, and family will be here for dinner and cake.  I just finished making the cake.  Oops, I think I should use a different pan next time.  I thought it was a 13 X 9 and it is a bit smaller.  It took 10 extra minutes to cook.  Oh well, I am sure it tastes really good as the cake mix is from a box brand I like.  I decided that next week for the family party I am going to make 2 13 X 9 cakes for the family party instead of ordering one.  It will be more fun to make them.  I am going to make one chocolate and one yellow.  I don't particularly like chocolate cake but I do like yellow.  I will get the ingredients that are needed this coming week.  I am waiting for my lovely students to arrive.  They should be here any moment.

I spoke to Kathy this afternoon and then I got my hair done.  Because of the bursitis in the shoulders I have been having trouble washing the hair so I found out on Tuesday when I got it cut that they wash and dry hair for $3.  That is not expensive at all.  I spend more than that on a pop.  The hairdresser suggested until my scalp is better, to have it done 2 times a week and then in a bit drop it to once a week.  Works for me.  So after I talked to Kathy for a while I went and had my hair washed and dried.  Boy does it feel nice.

My little ones should be here any moment.  I will write more later tonight.

It was a nice evening.  We had KFC for dinner and then nice cake for dessert.  Acer and Calli did well for their lessons.  Calli hadn't Brailled out her Candle of the Water song so she and I took care of that after her lesson.  She brought her tools with her, her slate and stylus and together we Brailled the words for her.  This summer I plan to go to the library and see if I can braille out her words before she gets a new song.  Now, we are doing it a bit backwards.  Instead of me having the words ready, I don't.  I hope to change that by Summer.  I am glad that she is enjoying her lessons.  We started a new piano song this week and she put her hands together for her old song.  She is doing very well.  This summer I am hoping to have a bit of money to get some braille music.  They have it available on dancing but I don't have any yet.

All in all it hasn't been a horrible birthday.  I had an enjoyable evening and the afternoon wasn't too bad either.  I didn't get up very early but that is okay.  I was rather tired.  I did go to bed early last night.  I think I slept pretty well for a change, I only work up a few times instead of every couple hours.  I was happy with that.  The pain level is average for me.  Now that I have the pain pills again, I am glad.  I am sleeping better with them.  Overall, I haven't been super sad today.  I have been sad, but that is to be expected since it is the first one without my mother and my older brother seems to have forgotten it is my birthday.  i am a little disappointed in that.  He usually calls me on my birthday every year.  I am hoping he will call this evening before I go into bed.


  1. Happy Birthday Heather...I am so glad that you enjoyed your day and got cake, yeah cake. Most of our birthdays are in the same month and we loving refer to it as cake favorite season of all! take care and hapy, happy, many more..;j

  2. Happy Birthday Heather!! Nothing sounds better than KFC and birthday cake! Hope you have a super weekend!