Thursday, April 14, 2011

somewhat productive day

I moved 8 boxes out of the storage unit into the garage today.  I was very happy about this.  I am now exhausted from doing it, but happy at the same time.  I sorted through some boxes and placed some away from the others that I am keeping.  There are sooooooo many that I am not keeping.  Lots of reference books are going.  They are old and out dated and I don't want them.  I do not have the room for them, nor do I want to make room for them.  I am just thankful I got 8 of them out.  I plan to get some more next week since this weekend is supposed to rain all weekend.  Yuck, but hey, it is April and you know what they say?  April showers bring May flowers and i do love the flowers.

I talked to Kathy for about 45 minutes this afternoon when I got back.  She is working on the Easter basket planning today.  It looks like I will be at her parents' house for Easter dinner.  Hey, works for me, I get Kathy 2 days in a row.  Since I have no Easter plans, this will work beautifully.  I do plan to get the kids a bit of chocolate for Easter.  I will get it this weekend before they are all gone.  Nothing huge, just a little something for them.  I also have to get some eggs and oil for the cakes I am making tomorrow afternoon for Saturday's party.  Saturday we are celebrating my birthday and my cousin, Darrin's birthday too.  It shall be fun.  It will be at Darrin's house.  He is a very nice cousin, well, most of them are.  He has a daughter named Ocean Dawn who is just delightful.  She is a growing so fast.  I think she is 10 or 11 now, I am not sure which.  I will have one cake say Happy Birthday Heather and the other Happy Birthday Darrin.  That way we are both covered.  I am checking tonight to make sure that it is only us, if there is another birthday, I will add the name to one of the cakes.  I did find out Hayley won't be at the party.  I am a bit disappointed, but she has something that came up so she can't make it.  Audrey isn't sure either because it depends on her exam for the day.  I do know my cousin, Kenny and his wife, Vicki, will be there.  I am very excited about that.  I look forward to seeing all my cousins there, there are just too many to name here.  I have a lot of cousins.  My uncle John will be there too with his family. My younger brother will be there too so that is good.  He is officially finished with his college work now.  He is looking for a job.  He is an outreach worker in London, Ontario.  I think he will be great at it.  I do hope he gets a job soon.  He officially graduates in late May from what he said today.  I plan to be there and am hoping our older brother will be there too.  We both miss him a lot.  I haven't seen him since Mom's funeral and Andrew hasn't seen him for 6 years.  I at least get to talk to the big brother every so often, whereas I don't know if Andrew does or not.  I forget to ask him and he doesn't mention it.  I hope he does.  It is good to be in contact with brothers.

I think I am going to lay down for a bit.  I am so tired from bringing in those boxes.  Hard to believe 8 boxes exhaust me, but they did.  Next time I will only bring 4 home at a time.  There aren't that many left that I can lift anyway so I am almost done picking them up and bringing them home.

I do hope your day is going well.  Mine is despite the extra exhaustion and the disappointment of not having Christine's lesson tonight.  Her mom is ill so we will make up the lesson as soon as her mom calls me.  Christine is a very talented young girl who will go far with piano.


  1. It always feels so good to go through and get rid of stuff! I am NOT a pack rat but my hubby is and it can drive me crazy at times. I hope you rest up:)

  2. I know you are making progress on making more room but do be careful not to fatigue yourself -you know you don't need that.
    You have fun plans and I hope you do get to see all.