Monday, April 18, 2011

A Lovely Monday

I was so exhausted this morning that I stayed in bed and dozed for a while.  When I finally got up, I was a bit dizzy but that passed.  It happens a lot and I know it is just a side effect of the medicines that I take.  I went down and had some brunch and took my daytime medicines.  Today is the first day for the substitute for Celebrex.  I am hopeful it will work out well.  So far, it is doing alright.  It is a bit of a chilly day so it is definitely a good day to try it.  I have been a bit chilled all day.

Bob had his regular lesson this afternoon.  He is doing very well.  He, again, took my trash bins to the road for me.  He is so nice.  He is also going to check to see if he has a trimmer for the bushes since both of mine are broken.  This will help Charlie a lot this coming weekend.  I will find out later this week.  I would return it next Monday after Charlie uses it on the weekend.  Charlie is coming again Saturday to do the shrubs.

After Bob's lesson I went to Walmart for some milk and bread.  I went to make a sandwich and realized I didn't have any bread.  I picked up a few things and the came back home.  Nothing to exciting, some Easter treat bags for the Heyart children.  I am making some Easter treats for the kids for Sunday.  I am so thankful I am going to Kathy's parents house for the holiday.  I am thankful to be included in their holiday dinner.  I think I have enough candy for the kids.

Emily had her 3rd lesson this evening.  She is such a doll.  She is so cute and is playing very well.  Next week she starts reading music!  That will be exciting for her.  Her eyes were wide with excitement when I told her that we would be learning lines and spaces next week.  Because of this we added the Treble Clef Sign and the Bass Clef Sign flashcards to the flashcard pile.

Not much happening this evening.  I am going to watch Dancing With The Stars in a bit when it comes on and then head for bed.  Tomorrow is 2 more lessons so that is wonderful.  They don't really start until 5:30 though, so I have the afternoon to get some housework done.

I am so glad that tax season is almost over because that means soon we will be starting on the Family room.  My sewing corner will be a reality.  I am excited about that.  The library will be there too.  I am bringing the bookshelf that is in the living room back down in the family room.  I will move the shelf that is in the dining room back into the living room and that is where the kids toys will be.  I need the bookshelf back downstairs because I have books that need to go on it.  I love reading and I love books so I have plenty.  I don't plan to get rid of any of my books that are in the family room.  I will also put the writing books back on the shelves too.  They are in the storage unit right now so they need to come back.  Next month the storage unit will be closed.  I am anxious to be done with that.  There are about 4 to 6 business boxes that I have to keep and I will put those in the garage.  I am not going to get a different storage unit because they are very expensive and rather unnecessary since I have a garage.  I will also be figuring out a way to sell the fibro cook books that I have in the garage.  Andrew and I wrote them in 2005.  Some of the front info (not the recipes) are outdated because of new testing and studies.  I have about 800 of them left.  Yeah, that is a lot.  I do hope to sell some, if not all of them some day.

One the TV is all about Prince William and Catherine's wedding.  I remember being so fascinated with Princess Diana.  I got up super early to watch the wedding.  I also got up super early to watch Prince Andrew and Sarah's wedding too.  I am not sure if I will get up at 5:30 am to watch the wedding.  I imagine it will be played over and over all day long.  We shall see if I am awake enough for the wedding in 11 days.  (The TV told me that.  I had no idea)

I am going to watch Dancing with the Stars now then off to bed.  I am a bit tired now.  I have been very tired since Saturday.  I think the stress of the day made me very exhausted.  I do have a bit of a bad headache again today.  I do hope it is a good day for you and less pain!

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