Saturday, April 23, 2011

saturday excitement

I ended up with 2 instead of the 3 lessons, but when I woke up I wasn't even aware of the other lessons so it was a good surprise.  I knew Aggie was coming home for the weekend, I just didn't know she was going to have a lesson until I got up.  We couldn't have it at 2 like she wanted because I wasn't going to be home yet, so we ended up having it at 4.  Now all lessons are done for the day.  Amanda rescheduled hers because she is ill today.  That is just fine, I don't mind the reschedule.  It is better than the cancellation.  Totally better.  I do hope she feels better though because having a cold is a drag.  You feel so horrible the first few days of it.  Ugh, I had two this winter and am hoping I am done with the until next winter.  I had two really bad ones too.  Kayla has decided to sing "When Love Is Kind" with Amanda for the concert.  She isn't sure if she wants to sing another piece or not.  That is fine I told her.  It is completely up to her and what she feels comfortable with.   I am looking forward to the Spring Concert this year.  We will have to have a summer one because the Muglia girls won't be able to be in the concert and neither will Christine because of other commitments and a new baby brother for the Muglia girls.  Having a late Easter really messed me up schedule wise this year.  Oh well, not really that big of a deal.

I have a bit more of a headache now than usual.  I am not sure if it the weather or not.  It's hard to say.  So many are in flares right now so it is really hard to say.  It is a normal missing mom day.  Tomorrow will be a bit harder as it will be the first Easter without her.  These firsts are so hard at times.  I got through Christmas pretty okay and since I will be with Kathy, I know I will get through it.

Charlie did such a nice job at the trimming of the bushes.  He really did.  They look amazing and so much nicer.  I will be having him do them again in a few months to keep them looking just so.  He really did a great job.  We will be returning the trimmer to Bob on Monday.  I am so grateful and thankful that he loaned them to me.

It is so nice outside today that I wasn't even wearing a spring jacket.  Nope, just my sweatshirt and fleece pants.  Kathy and I went to the mall and put the scooter together.  It wouldn't work.  Apparently, there is a wire that is coming apart.  We can see how it is supposed to go together, but we couldn't get it together.  I have the number to call for service.  I hope it doesn't cost too much.  I think that is the problem because the batteries are fully charged so it has to be that wire.  I have to have a scooter that is reliable.  We did see another lady at the mall with a scooter and Kathy wanted to (me too) ask if she put it together herself because it was almost too heavy for Kathy to lift.  It took the two of us to put it together too.  I simply could not do it myself.  That is for sure.  It is 45 pounds for the back end alone plus the front end and the two batteries.  Those batteries are very heavy.  Thank goodness they work well - the batteries I mean.  I think once the wire is fixed it will be okay.  I will find out this week.  Just what I need a broken scooter.  Not cool, not cool at all.  I sat in the courtyard area while Kathy went to the Disney Store.  She came back empty handed because they didn't have the toy she wanted for the girls.  We think they will find them in Disney World when they go in June.  Then the girls can get Pascale, the little chameleon from Tangled.  He is very cute.  It will probably also mean a lot to them to get it there.  I know when I buy stuff from there as opposed to a store it often means a bit more.

Well, other than the head, I am doing all right today.  I can't wait until tomorrow, but I will have too.  I am also exhausted at this point so early to bed I will be going.  I do hope you have a great day and a Happy Easter too!


  1. Hi Heather! I hope you have a nice Easter day! You certainly have a busy schedule. Stay happy and healthy. I have been fighting a headache all day too! It is the weather here, 70 to 30 to snow! Hee Hee Hugs Anne

  2. Heather, blessings to you for a happy Easter..have a great time with Kathy and family..Anne is right, you ARE a busy gal..