Thursday, April 7, 2011

a decent day

It has been a good day so far.  Not too much pain, not too much fatigue for a change.  I even slept pretty well last night, which is unusual.

I had Breanna's lessons this afternoon.  She is doing pretty well.  She practiced one piano piece wrong though so that totally bummed her out for a few seconds.  Then she was fine.  She learned 2 new little pieces for piano before we turned our attention over to voice lessons.  She brought with her the pop song she wanted to learn.  We went through it twice.  It is a Miley Cyrus piece and it is nice.  She will do very well at the spring concert with it.  I don't know what else she will sing either, but we will decide before the concert.

After Breanna's lesson, Carson had his first lesson.  He is a nice 8 year old boy who's grandmother lives across the street from me.  He is so cute.  We started with warmups, which are very new to him then we moved to 2 songs.  Next week we will talk about eyebrows and things like that.  I foresee all my girls going gaga over him.  He is that cute and he sings rather well for being 8 years old.  He has a nice boy soprano voice.

I went to Tim Horton's afterward for some lunch.  I had a bit of time before I needed to pick up Lily.  I was so excited about today because I would see Lily for about a 1/2 hour.  Her parents were both unable to pick her up so I volunteered.  Hey, it was no problem, plus, I got Lily for a short time.  She showed me how my alarm works on my phone.  Now I know.  I am excited about that not that I need it right now, but hey, once in a while it could come in handy.

I don't have any plans for the rest of the evening.  i am going to watch some news to see the weather forecast.  It is suppose to rain a lot tomorrow and then have a bit of a warm up.  I can't wait!  This has been a rather cold winter for me.

I called the cable company today.  I have gotten in the mail some advertisements from them advertising a  lower price than what I pay.  I have never done this before but I called and asked if there were any specials that I would qualify for.  They lowered my rate by $10.  Hey, that is $120 for a year savings so yeah, that is great.  I am excited about that.

I do hope this finds you doing well.  It has been a pretty good day for me, although I am a bit tired now.  I think because I was go go go and now I am not.  It is too late in the day to take a nap so I will just head for bed a bit early if I am still so tired.

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  1. Glad you had a good day. I suffer from fibromyalgia too, and I find the fatigue the worst part.

    Best wishes :)