Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

I went to Kathy's Parents for the afternoon.  Boy was it fun.  I had gotten her children some Easter treats and the best part, there is none left for me!  Since I didn't want temptation, I am so glad it worked out perfectly that there were no candies left!  I have enough junk food in the house that I don't need anything else.  Her girls were dressed in their Easter dresses that Samantha had picked out for the girls.  She is definitely going to be a fashion girl!  The dresses were really cute.  Samantha did a great job picking them out.  Samantha went and changed shortly after I got there.

Dinner was soooooo good.  I have to say that Mrs. Knight out did herself as usual.  She is a good cook that is all I have to say about it.  I am glad I went.  When I got home I took a little (3 hour) nap.  I have been so tired lately again, more than usual.  I don't know why.  I suppose it could be the new medicine.  I am so thankful that I can sleep in tomorrow!  That might be the problem for the last few days because I have had to be up early for the last 4 days, although, I would get up early everyday for these type events no problem!  Anytime I get to hang out with Kathy, is a great day plus my students, I mean, how cool is that?  Very.

Tomorrow will be a regular day.  I will have 2 lessons for the day.  Bob and Emily.  I told Aggie all about Emily.  She is anxious to meet her and her parents.

Kathy is looking at their schedule to see when they can come and clear out the storage unit.  I am hopeful we can do it in one day since I will be going every few days to organize what I want and what I don't.  There isn't much that I want so that is okay.  There are some boxes for the business I need to keep and a few other boxes, other than that, I want my keyboard that is in there and the rest can go.  I don't want anything else.  I will get a few boxes tomorrow.  There are a couple of boxes of writing books in there too at least I think they are in there.  I will find out tomorrow when I go.  I plan to get about 6 boxes tomorrow and then 6 more each trip until I have what I want out of the unit.

It has been a medium pain day so that is normal.  My head is the normal pain today.  I am just more tired than usual.  There is no Army Wives on tonight either.  I am rather disappointed as I love that show.  I have movies I do need to watch, Narnia, Harry Potter, Tangled.  I watched the Barbie movie of Rapunzel today.  It was really cute.  Samantha and Alicia got it for Easter today.  They are really cute movies.  Even Jake was watching although he would not admit it.  It was pretty funny to watch him watch the movie casually, like he just happened to be in the room and not really watching the movie.  Matthew wasn't even in the room while that movie was playing.  I wasn't surprised on that.  He was down in the basement playing video games or something like that.  After the Barbie movie we started watching Singing in the Rain.  We all love that movie.  The girls, Kathy, her parents, Jake, and I that is.  Matthew does not like that movie so he was not happy to have to be upstairs for a few minutes before we left.  We all left about 3 pm.  I came home and went right to bed, I was so exhausted.

All in all, it was a great day, a really good day.


  1. Can we say ADDICTED to Army Wives? Yes, me too. Love the show. Happy Easter and thank you for having me. SOrry to hear you too are a chronic pain junkie. Not a great life to lead but a great life to live anyway!! Gentle hugs. Tammy

  2. I'm a new follower..and fellow Fibro sufferer.

    A Navy wife also addicted to Army Wives!

    I am at