Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday thoughts

I am so glad it is Friday again.  The week flew by, which is good for me.  I had Katie's lesson earlier this afternoon.  It was so hard to get up this morning because I think I was awake most of the night.  I don't like it when it is like that.  I don't know why I was awake most of the night, but i am so tired now.  I foresee an early night since I have to be up at 10:30 am tomorrow for lessons.  After lessons, I will head over to Windsor to pick up Lia and Esther since they need a ride.  Since Andrew is not graduation tomorrow (it is in May), then I won't have to worry about leaving early enough to get a good sleep so that is good.  That was my big concern.  Now I just have to get the info from Andrew about the graduation.

I am making the cakes tonight for the party.  I am excited about seeing so many of my cousins.  I haven't seen them in a really long time.  The last time I saw them was at Mom's burial in Chatham and I must say, I was not doing to well then so I didn't enjoy the visit because I was so sad.  I am still sad a lot, but sometimes it isn't so bad.

I have discovered I really like going to the hair salon to get my hair washed.  It feels so nice and pretty.  I have been wearing it up for so long, I forgot how dark my hair is.  The scalp is doing better too.  It was really difficult for me to wash my hair with one arm since the other arm doesn't work to well.  The bursitis doesn't let me lift the arm up too much so that was pretty hard for me to do.  I go to the salon on Tuesdays and Fridays to get my hair washed.  I also like it when other people do my hair.  It usually turns out better than when I do it.  It has always been that way for me.

It is a regular missing Mom day.  A few nights ago it was a horrible missing Mom night, but so far today, it is just regular.  I have to go and find the cord for the trimmer.  I just remembered that.  Charlie may or may not be coming tomorrow to do the bushes.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow so I am not thinking he is coming tomorrow.  Maybe Sunday, if it doesn't rain too much then.  This whole weekend is supposed to rain.  Next weekend is supposed to be better though, so I am looking forward to that.

I picked up some Easter candy for the Heyart kids for Easter from me.  They didn't have cute little bags though so I will have to use zip locks.  I will get the candy in order for next Sunday.  I can't believe how late Easter is this year.  It is amazing how late it is.  I am glad I am going to the Knights' for Easter.  I mean, Kathy 2 days in a row?  What could go wrong?  Nothing!!!

Well, I think I am off to make some cakes!

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