Monday, April 4, 2011

warmer weather with a bit of rain

It is 57 degrees out today!  Okay, that coupled with rain does make the excitement go down however, the temp is very nice.  I wish it would stay, but apparently there is a massive cold front coming.  This is all normal with Michigan or my part of it anyway.  I had to run several errands this afternoon before teaching at 3.  I am so glad I got most of the done already.  I do have the toilet handle screw and the light bulbs to purchase.  I am going to do those tomorrow.  I got my music back from Annie.  The latest adult student who lasted one lesson.  This is actually why I used to not take adults but with the new company rules, I have no choice.  You have to take who they assign.  Well, the 4 adults the assigned me have officially all quit.  Adults don't realize, I think, the amount of time it takes to learn an instrument whether it is piano or singing, it doesn't matter, time is necessary.  I think they think (some of them) that once a week at a lesson is good enough.  Well, it isn't.  You have to put in time to practice and they don't consider that when they sign up, so they quit.  The only kids that have quit were the temporary ones who signed up for solo and ensemble and needed help with just that.  It makes me even more thankful for Bob, my lone adult student who has studied with me for 5 years.  He is a wonderful student and a good friend.  Both he and his wife are great people.  I just have to find out if they are coming to the party next week.  I forgot to ask last week, oops.  Sometimes my fog is really bad and I have to work super hard to focus during a lesson.  Thank God I know the music so well.  Usually during lessons though, I find that even in bad fog days I can still concentrate on lessons.  I haven't had a an issue with too much fog during a lesson, before and after, well, that is a different story.

Maia and Tillie are suppose to drop by to pick up Tillie's things.  She has towels, sweater, drill, tools, a commode, and a couple of scanners that are hers and need to go home.  I want her to take the commode, it is in the way in the garage.  I am almost to the point where the garage is empty enough for the little red car to go in.  I can't wait for that day!  My little baby car has never been in the garage.  She has only seen it from afar.  Maia also has a treadmill she needs to take home.  That is also in the way.  Once I have the table and chairs moved into the backyard, then I just have to move a few boxes out of the way and poof! I will have room for the car to go in.  I just can't wait.  I do have to bring a couple of stones back into the garage so I will know where to stop.  I think they were gotten rid of when Maia and Tillie cleaned out the garage a while ago.

It is a normal missing mom day and a normal pain day.  I am in a bit more pain than normal because the refill of my pain pills have not be cleared by the doctor yet.  I haven't had any pain pills but over the counter since Friday when I ran out.  It is starting to be difficult because of it, but the Tylenol is trying really hard to work, it just doesn't do as good as a job as the other stuff.

I hope this finds you doing really well today and perhaps with sunshine!!


  1. well you might want to hold off on putting the table and chairs outside... until it gets warmer! i have just been having issues so i may be starting another blog. connected to my aol account. that way ppl won't see what i am writing. fake name and everything. i am posting it on your comments cuz ppl read my blog. so i can't vent.

  2. We had almost 80 degree weather here yesterday and then last night a BIG storm came through and it's only supposed to be in the 40's today! I just want sunshine and warm!

    I don't take pain pills that often (due to stomach), but when I do need something, tylenol or aleve just won't cut it. Hope you get your filled soon:)